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Tempeh - The World's Finest Food  


Tempeh - The World's Finest Food       



We aim to be the BEST in what we do.

We are not satisfied until we are assured that you are also satisfied with our tempeh. This is our solemn promise. We specialize only in making high quality tempeh, the best Indonesian quality tempeh there is. 

Tempeh has been consumed in Indonesia for generations. In Indonesia it is called "tempe". But in the US and the West it is known as "tempeh". Tempe is a common staple food in Indonesia, just like rice and corn. They are cheap to buy, and readily available everywhere, mostly in the form of fresh tempeh. Refrigerated and frozen tempeh are rare. Most consumers in Indonesia prefer fresh tempeh that are made of soybeans only.

Tempeh and Red Cargo Rice







Soytempeh: Tempeh with Delicious Aftertaste