Indonesian Cuisines
Tempeh - The World's Finest Food  



Tango Drink (Tapeh and Mango)
"Drink and Dance the Tango"

  Grilled Tapeh
(Partially Sun Dried Tapeh Dipped in Melted Butter)

  Lightly Fried Tapeh
(Coated with "Dixie Fry" coating)

Tapeh Cup Cake
(Kue Mangkok Peuyeum)


Sweet and Delicious


  Tapeh (ta-peh), often referred to as peuyeum is a traditional fermented food found throughout much of East and
Southeast Asia. Good tapeh is sweet and could be consumed directly as food, or in traditional recipes. Tapeh can be made from a variety of carbohydrate sources, but typically from cassava (yucca) root, white rice, or white and  black glutinous rice. Our tapeh is naturally sweet with no sugar added.
My favorite mango is the large Kent variety, sweet, juicy and delicious. You could make a smoothie of ripe mango and peuyeum and blend them together in a blender.

Alcoholic beverages have been produced commercially from cassava root and white rice.