​​​​​​​INDONESIAN​  CUISINES  - Soytempeh

  Tempeh Fried Rice.


Soybean Tempeh

          Tempeh and Yellow Squash Soup

        Tempeh, Yellow squash, corn, tomato,
      spinach, and natural flavoring.


​                         Steamed Tofu and Tempeh

            Pieces of tempeh mixed with smashed tofu ,                chopped green onion, sea salt and natural                        flavorings wrapped in aluminum foil and steamed          in a steamer.                    

Mother of all Tempeh

                        Tempeh Salad

  Tempeh, cabbage, tofu, cucumber, and fried peanuts.

2 and 1/2 inches thick

Soy and Red Cargo Rice

A picture of Indonesian Cuisines tempeh is worth a thousand words; let me share my novel with you.


       Tempeh and Chayote Squash Soup

     Tempeh, green beans, Chayote squash,
  tomato, salt, and natural seasonings.

                        Sambal Goreng Tempeh

                Fried tempeh, garlic, onion, tomato, bell
              pepper, and Indonesian spices.    

Tofu/Tempeh Chips

Tempeh Tower


​                        Gorgeous Tempeh

​          Indonesian Cuisines tempeh looks,                     smells, and tastes good like a superb                   Indonesian quality tempeh should -                     thick, white, dense, compact and                         pleasant tasting. 

 Combination of Red Cargo Rice, Brown Rice, Tempeh, Egg, Broccoli, and Veggie Tom Yum Paste.

Soy tempeh