If you treat your doctors less than God, members of the group that they belong in, Accountable Care Organization (Medical Groups, Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, and so on) will submit your name to every member of the ACO nationwide, from the West coast to the East Coast, and bad-mouthed you so that you will be discriminated against by the doctors and staff who treated you. For example, if you sue a doctor, your name will be submitted to every member of the ACO, even your spouse's name who has nothing to do with it. Beware!

The original legal function of the ACO is not to make disparaging and false statements about their patients. Their purpose is to help patients get better service. But hackers, hookers, and pimps have infiltrated some ACO members and make your life miserable if you treat your doctors less than God. Beware! 


Accountable Care Organization