An herbal that is quite popular in Southeast Asian countries, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and now in North America, is Tongkat Ali – Ali’s Walking Cane. The product comes in powder, tablets, or capsules. It is derived (extracted) from the root of a tree called Eurycoma longifolia and produced in various concentration.

 While ginseng, also derived from the roots of a plant, is known to boost the immune system, Tongkat Ali’s primary use is to promote healthy libido and support male hormone levels. The chemicals contained within the root can boost the male hormone testosterone. Also, it can increase muscle mass and strength making this product popular among body builders. Some writers claimed that Tongkat Ali can benefit females as well (Rainforest Herbs, 2016).

  As men age, many experience the effects of low testosterone, known as andropause, the equivalent of menopause in women. The symptoms of deficient testosterone, such as lack of energy, loss of muscle mass or strength, fatigue, and decreased libido appear gradually. While testosterone replacement therapy is available, many "textbook doctors," are hesitant to give them to their patients, in any form, injections, gel or patches. It can have serious side effects, such as increased risk of prostate cancer. Many men have instead looked at natural remedies, such as Tongkat Ali roots (, n.d).

  I believe that an imbalance of the body’s hormone is not good for the human body unless such imbalance is desired to prevent worsening of an identified disease, such as prostate cancer.  

 Take at bedtime.


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Ali's Walking Cane