For a long time I was a skeptic of anything that has to do with “Alternative Medicine”, such as Massage, Herbals, Acupuncture, and even some over-the-counter non-prescription drugs, such as Melatonin, DHEA, and so forth. The primary reason why I felt that way was due to my background in Nursing and other health related occupation, such as Physician Assistant, which are all based on the science of Medicine - pills and drugs prescribed by medical doctors.
  My oldest brother, a Family Practice doctor who also practices general surgery for more than 20 years, quit doing what he was doing when he was about 55 years old after he graduated from a U.S. medical college. He travelled to China, Japan, Germany and other foreign countries during the latter part of his career studying Acupuncture, Homeopathic Medicine and other methods of treating patients other than the standard pills and drugs that you might get from the pharmacist. When he was practicing "Alternative Medicine" in California some of his patients came from Holland and Germany to see him. It was from him that I first learned about Kyolic (aged garlic) and why I need to keep my body warm during the cold weather. He discouraged my 80-year old mother from undergoing major knee surgery against the advice of her primary care physician. He warned her that she might end up sitting in the wheelchair for the rest of her life after the surgery. And my wise mother decided not to take the risk of surgery.
  My wife had suffered upper and lower back pain for over 15 years. She complained of pain when she sits. She complained of pain while lying in bed. And all that her doctors gave her were pain medication and more pain medication. I didn't know what to do for her until one night, while at work, I saw a book written by Dr. Janet Travell about Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction (The Trigger Point Manual) on the Physical Therapist’s desk. I read that book thoroughly, use a hand massager at home to massage the trigger points that I found on her back and shoulder, repeat the procedure for two more weeks or so, and she is now pain-free for more than ten years.
  That’s their story. What about my story? I was losing plenty of muscle mass last year. I feel weak, little energy; in short, I don’t feel the same as I did last year. I feel worse this year than the previous years. I went to see a Chinese MD, a graduate of Loma Linda University. I chose him because I thought that Chinese doctors are smart, like my brother. I was dead wrong. The results of my blood work that he ordered were questionable, at best. But he told me that they were “normal.” I had asked him for a specific blood test to rule out a certain condition, but he refused to order the test because he said that no such test is available anywhere. The blood test that he said does not exist "anywhere" is available everywhere from laboratories nationwide for the past five years. I concluded that he is a
hack doctor. Unhappy with the way he treated me, I requested to see an endocrinologist, his colleague in Fontana, but he "colluded" with the endocrinologist prior to my arrival. The endocrinologist tried to persuade me that the lab results were "fine." He quickly showed me two different reference ranges, one print and one handwritten, that use two different units of measurements, and he wanted me to believe that they are the same although I can clearly see that the units of measurement are very different. In other words, he compares an "apple" with an “orange,” and he hopes that as a layman I don't know or I cannot tell the difference between the two different measurement units and the two different tests. I thought that I had wasted my time with him - he tried to explain to me the test results of a test that I did not specifically ask for. Does he understand the issue? Was he listening to me? Believe me, I was very polite and patient with him - I let him touch my body. And not only that, I had to pay out of pocket expenses to get the test done at another lab - LabCorp, in order to get the specific blood test that I want to rule in, or to rule out a specific condition. This F.D.A. approved blood test that I had asked for has been offered and made available to the public by various national laboratories for at least in the past five years. I asked for a blood test, but the doctors gave me the run around - that the blood test is not available anywhere. Why did they give me the run around, because they think that they are God? When they say it is "normal," it must be "normal"? And when I sent them the result from LabCorp, that it was "low," or abnormal, the endocrinologist counter-argued and said that the result from LabCorp is not accurate, implying that if the test is done at Kaiser, it is more reliable and accurate. Who built Kaiser's labs, God? Is that why the endocrinologist claimed that they are more accurate and reliable? 
  Is it not really pathetic to see a doctor who tries to pull something like that on his patient who is dependent on his medical diagnosis? What President Donald Trump said about one of his opponents reminded me of this endocrinologist and internist. They raised their hands up, swore, put the Bible down, and lied. What happened to professional ethics?
  At any rate, I am now taking herbal remedies and other natural treatments for my complaints. I can already experience significant improvement in my health. I am no longer a skeptic of Alternative Medicine. I am happy that I can turn to herbs, not to prescription pills, drugs or patches for my health care needs. I am sick and tired of
"textbook doctors."  How about you?



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