Historically, the colored people in the U.S. have been discriminated against in high-paying jobs, good education, decent housing, and everything else for almost 400 years - because of YOU. For example, why does this White hacker exploit those two naive young Black kids (read important update) to do the dirty work for him - intrusion, exploitation, and deception - instead of hiring people of his own color - White? Why? Is it because he, the White hacker, believes that the dirty work, such as hacking, stealing and deceiving are reserved for the Blacks only? Or, is it because no White kids wants the job?

Some shallow-thinking politician says that the Russians hacked Hillary Clinton's e-mail or Colin Powell's e-mail. No, it's not the Russians or the Ukrainians who is responsible for hacking Hillary Clinton's or Colin Powell's e-mail. It's the White Americans. Sure, they may have some connections with the Russians, but in name only, because it is harder to catch a far away foreigner, a Russian, compared to a White American hacker who lives in the U.S. That's why they hide behind the Russian or Chinese hackers because they know that we have no effective extradition agreement with foreign countries to extradite individuals who commit crimes against us, such as hackers.

Look, the Russians live thousands of miles away from the DNC headquarter, whereas the American hackers live next door to the DNC headquarter. If my house got robbed, I don't look to China or Russia for the perpetrators, right? I look for the locals and not those who live in the North Pole or in the far away continents. The Russians don't like America, period. They have no preference for one party or the other, or who wins the elections? In short, they don't care who wins the election. They don't like us ALL. Now, who might want the GOP or the Democrat to win are those who are behind the American hackers who have already shown that they don't like us, e.g. Manning, Snowden, and others. Our American hackers are in collusion with the Russian hackers to hack everybody in the USA. They paid the Russians hackers minimal wages to take the blame, as simple as that - dirty politics in America.   

And so, I suspect that these American hackers pay the Russian and Ukrainian hackers $5.00 or a little less to take the hit. And these starving Russian and other foreign hackers are too happy to take the pennies, nickels, and dimes from the American hackers and take the blame for something that they did not do. Moreover, how do you know for sure that the Russians hacked us and not the American hackers who live in the Russian capital? How can you tell? Do you know for certain?

Mr. Donald Trump was right when he said that American politicians are stupid. Most people don't know that the White American hackers are busy exploiting minority
Americans and locals to hack our country. I know, because I have seen them. Somehow, I have this strange feeling that after 400 years of slavery certain population of our Black youth are still vulnerable to exploitation by the White hackers.

Manning is not a Chinese and Snowden is not a Russian. And neither is Julian Assange. They should be our "allies."  But, instead of hacking the Chinese, Russian, Iranians, and the North Koreans, they hackd us - the U.S.A.  Go ahead, keep on blaming other people's children instead of your own rotten kids. 

Can you see now why Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are rolling on the floor laughing at us? Do you understand why the world looks down on us and is laughing too?



Because of YOU