Chain Migration

  Our country is made up of migrants, no question about it. Even the parents (predecessors) of President Donald Trump and Obama and minority leader Nancy Pelosi were migrants who came to this country decades ago. They came to the U.S.A. to start a new life, to raise a new home, work hard to give their children a good education, pay their taxes, and to contribute something to the growth of America. True, no one can deny that "immigrants make America great."

Chain migration, however, is different. Most chain migrants, such as the father and mother of an ordinary immigrant are old and have cataracts in their eyes. Most are poor, many have no employable skills, and they came to this country primarily to get welfare and money from our government (SSI). They came to the U.S.A. contributing little or nothing to their newly adopted country except getting much for themselves. They get welfare money and free health insurance after they are over 55 years of age - at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. If they are sick before they are eligible for government benefits, all they have to do is say, “Me speak no English,” and they get free gallbladder surgery at the ER hospital. They live with their children free, room and board while receiving cash from Social Security - money that they have never earned while living in America.

I can still clearly remember decades ago when I was working as a PA in a rural health clinic in Turlock near the Modesto area in Northern Califonia. I was assigned to work in a camp for migrant workers who work on the farm fields. The government provided free housing for the workers and their family. Free education for the children. Free childcare. Free health care. Free everything. I have no problem with that since the migrant workers provided the service that we needed. But how about their extended families, uncles, aunts, great-grandparents, etc. who have never directly contributed anything to our country? Are they also entitled to receive free of everything, healthcare, cash, housing subsidies, etc through chain migration? No, they are the sole responsibilities of their immigrant children who wasted their money on the casinos scattered along the highways. They are never the responsibility of our government.

Does Nancy Pelosi not know the problems in her own backyard, the huge amount of money that we spend on chain migration and visa lottery people every month and every year? Doesn’t she know that? What is so beautiful about being so STUPID?

I heard Nancy Pelosi says that the President’s plan with regard to chain migration will make America “White again.” Her plan, as I see it, will make America 
poor and poorer again.

May I propose a sensible, better, and fairer plan. "Chain migrants" are the responsibility of their children who sponsored them to come to this country. As such, they should be treated as visitors and not eligible to receive SSI and other public benefits, such as healthcare. Chain migrants should be subjected to every immigration law that applies to 
visitors, except those who come here to invest in a business and bring with them $750,000 cash (consistent with the merit-based requirement).

Mrs. Pelosi, we don’t want to make America White again, Yellow, Black, or Brown. We want to make America rich, prosperous, and 
smart again.