Picture 1


or this,

Picture 3

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Under Method 2 you would do the same, push the Windows key + R. But instead of entering “netplwiz” you would enter “secpol.msc” and click “OK”. The next Window that pops up looks like one of these below,

Picture 2

Method 1

Picture 4

    (Letters from a Victim of Hackers, Hookers and Pimps)

Ctrl + Alt + Del

Do you know why your laptop or desktop computer’s speed is so slow, like how a turtle walks and makes frequent errors even though you have had it for only about three years? What’s wrong with your computer you ask? Or, worse, what’s wrong with you?

There is nothing wrong with your computer or with you. The machine that you purchased new out of a box is a good quality computer. And you already know like a pro how to operate an ordinary computer. You have been using computers for more than ten years at work, at home, or at school. But why does it take so long and so slow to switch from one site to another? Is there something else that you should know about computers?

Let me explain to you what occurred, or who the root of your slow speed problems is? Hackers, hookers, and pimps who use any available Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection from a distance to perform their daily hacking ritual on your computer caused your problem. That’s it. They probe into your expensive computers and phones each day or night and use them as their easy access laboratories to sharpen their deplorable hacking skills – at your expense. I placed them all together under one group, hackers, hookers, and pimps. They are one of the same –
DECEIVERS. And they use pop-up windows to deceive you. I want you to remember the words “pop-up windows,” if you don’t remember anything else that I write here. Presenting pop-up windows to your face, and fake notification, such as this,


From now on you should see the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” on the top of your screen when you attempt to log in to your Window, and you must push all three keys together, Hackers + Hookers + Pimps (“Ctrl + Alt + Del”) to log in. Be aware, however, that so far you have created a “local” account. You should create a Microsoft Account with your Microsoft e-mail. With a Microsoft account, you can add a second layer of security, called Microsoft 2-Step Authentication. Hackers may know your password, but they can do nothing unless they have your phone also, because the verification codes are sent to your phone. Incidentally, while we are on the topic of “password,” do you know that hackers, hookers, and pimps are following you every day on your computer and your phone to capture your password? They are watching (spying), and recording every move that you make on your devices. It makes great sense, therefore, that you should never change your password using your home computer or phone. Go to the library and use their computer, at work, or go to a friend’s house to change your password for your e-mail, etcetera. Many e-mail programs add another layer of security for their customers, called the 2-Step Authentication app, and so do some others, like Google. Get their app today. Your passwords don’t have to be 100 characters long. But they must be difficult to guess or hard to remember. The other reason why you should not change your password from your home computer is that some financial institution or businesses do not offer encryption services on their login or password reset page. Your “User ID” and “Password” that are submitted from your home computer, therefore, will travel UNENCRYPTED to their business server(s).  And hackers, hookers, and pimps who have been watching you on your home computer all night since last night can easily capture them with the use of keyloggers or other means, and may happily rejoice and scream in excitement and say, “Jesus Christ,” although they have no clue of who Christ was and what He did. Remember to use the EPIC browser. I am confident that they will not betray or deceive you.

Also, remember to change your password often. Do not wait for hackers to change your password for you. Also, go on line, and find out how you can change your privacy or location setting of your cell phone so hackers, hookers, and pimps cannot know where you are and cannot trail you from behind, or from a distance based on your GPS phone location.

If you suspect that skunks are trailing you through your Internet network, you can download this small utility from NirSoft, called
Wireless Network Watcher, scroll all the way down almost to the bottom to find the download link. The utility will show you what devices are connected to your wireless network. If you detect a description of a device that you don’t recognize, you can use your router to block the IP or MAC address.

Let me now spend a little time with you explaining the essentials of safe computing.

Safe computing begins with a plan – a logical step-by step defensive and offensive plan. As part of our defensive plan we must have the tools that are necessary to defend and protect our devices and computers in the event that hackers, hookers, and pimps should infect and attack our machines with their malware, such as viruses that can instantly stop or disable our wireless and wired connection from functioning. When that happens, we stop “breathing,” and can no longer communicate with the world.

An example of an excellent defensive plan is never to pair your phone with your PC. Initially, Microsoft came up with a good idea of pairing your phone (a blue tooth device) with your computer, called Dynamic Lock. If you and your phone are at some distance away from your PC, say you are in a movie theater, your desktop at home will lock automatically. But what hackers, hookers, and pimps have done is to take advantage of this loophole, Microsoft’s good intention, and with their deplorable and disgusting gang mentality have turned it around and use your phone, when paired with your computer, to mess up your computer’s privacy and security settings. Bad things can happen if you match your cell phone with your computer. Do NOT pair your phone with your computer. Do not turn the Dynamic Lock on.


Double click “Local Policies” on the top picture, right pane. You will then see the second Window with the drop down menu to your right. Click “Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL + ALT + Del” and make sure that the selection is “disabled.” Click “OK” and exit. Restart or reboot your computer.


In the following Window that shows up click the Advanced tab, select “Require users to press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete”, and click “OK”. You are now done under Method 1.

and this, 

is their primary method of deceiving you, spying on you, and terrorizing you.

I have just deleted one media player, and behind it I saw a picture of a cell phone. In Picture 1 they want me to install something, but they won’t tell me what it is. I know, I know, I do know what it is. It’s called
“crap.exe.” It installs in a flash, a fraction of a second. In picture 2, they admit that they need my help in figuring out my password for them. I told you that they are stupid. They should be fired like what President Donald Trump did to his staff. In Picture 3 you’ll see the Three Stooges, Hacker, Hooker, and Pimp, waiting in line wanting to get entry into my computer, but the “Border Patrol” of my computer won’t let them in. Listen to what the officer had told them here. In picture 4 they tried to prevent me from reading my e-mail, but I could still read my e-mail.

If you are not in the habit of IGNORING ALL pop-up windows, you should do it now. Yes, do it from now on. There should be no hesitation at all on your part to ignore all pop-up windows. Also, look on your browser’s setting how to block pop-ups. Sometimes they will not go away until you click on them. Sometimes you may have to restart your browser. Don’t fall for hackers’ trap. Go to a different site, or change to another safe browser, such as Opera or EPIC.

Hackers use everyday hacking tools and their perverted brain to deceive you and give you constant problems that would not go away. For instance, they send you a notice on your screen that says that your Firefox browser is automatically updating itself when what happens is that they, hackers, hookers, and pimps update their crap automatically, in a flash, and install their malware in your PC – spies. Or, they show you a picture of a program that you frequently use and the picture tells you that it needs updating because a new version is available. You fell for it, and you are almost ready to click on the “OK” button, right? No, do not click on the picture. Update nothing, unless you want your laptop to get infected and your computer becomes unstable with craps from hackers. Or, they show you at the top of your screen a small window that says, “Google wants to know your location.” It is none of Google’s business to know your or my location. Remember, hackers use your browsers to spy on you and trick you into accepting their malware into your computer when you click on the picture or the pop-up. And once they are inside and infect your computer, they breed and spread like termites, ants, or cockroaches, and you cannot get rid of them, even with an antivirus. Be extra careful with your choice of browsers, because hackers are known to run vicious malware into your computer through deception or trickery using your browsers, and many netters fell for their trap. If you must have the most current version of your favorite program, go to their website where you first got it from and downloaded it from there. Click nothing on any pop-up windows that suddenly shows up, small or large. I used to think that I must respond to any pop-up window. I was dead wrong. I now ignore all of them, or most of them except when it is required during the installation of a legitimate program, such as Malwarebytes, or Windows. I use only ONE browser – the EPIC browser. I found it to be the most secure browser. They will not betray you or deceive you.

Having warned you of what I must say in the preceding paragraphs, I hope that you can now understand why the longer hackers, pimps, and hookers stay and probe inside your computer, the more crap they’ll leave behind. And you can imagine what three years of crap will do to the speed of your computer. It will significantly slow down your computer, and makes it unstable. They use your brand name cell phones and expensive computers as their toilet to shit and pee. I will later explain in my letters what you can do to get rid of the crap and garbage that hackers leave behind in your device. I will also show you how to remove the viruses from your computer that disabled your wired and wireless connection, a trade secret that repair shops won’t share with you, and much much more.

But first, I want you to know how hackers work based on my experience with them and what other “hackers” from my home country had told me.

One of the earliest signs that tell you that a hacker is hacking your computer is when you see the tip of your cursor randomly jumps all over your monitor’s screen while your hand with the cursor remains still, not moving. Another common occurrence is when you frequently get disconnected from your wired or wireless Internet connection, and you don’t know why because you did nothing to interrupt your Internet connection.

What happens there is that a hacker is probing your computer (screen) with his or her mouse while you think nothing of it. You thought that what you see is “normal” computer behavior. No, they are not normal computer behavior. They are telling you that hackers, hookers, and pimps are trying to hook their hacking tools to your computer so that they can probe deeper and leave stealth “spies” and “shit” inside your computer. In other words, when hackers intrude into your computer and were successfully able to establish some form of connection with your computer, either through pop-up windows or other means, they waste no time. They immediately insert their “spies” and “sleeper cells,” terrorist agents (codes) that may remain dormant in your computer until they are activated or acted upon by another code or set of codes, just like those terrorists in San Bernardino and Paris who killed many innocent people. In the meantime, while dormant, they leave long trails behind in your computer to make it easier for them to find their way back into your device the next time when they so want.

Hackers are exploiters, intruders, and deceivers as one author wrote. As such, they should be crushed a long time ago – when they first see the daylight. Our U.S. society cannot function well if we allow exploiters, intruders, and deceivers live freely among us. Why? The reason is clear and obvious because hackers are adverse and incompatible with our culture and the American way of peaceful co-existence. It is impossible to live peacefully in any society when the people around you are exploiters, intruders, thieves, and deceivers. You cannot co-exist peacefully with them when their goal is to harm you, rob you of what you have, and expose your private life to the world while they cleverly hide behind human shields – hackers from Russia, China, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, and other hackers from all over the world, including local hackers from the U.S.A. For example, have our DOJ investigators personally met and talked with the dozen or so of “Russian” hackers whom they had indicted for interfering with our 2016 election? How do they know for sure that they were Russians, and not American hackers, hookers, and pimps who work in Moscow? American hackers will continue to meddle in any American election. Is that too hard to understand? If indicting anonymous hackers is such an easy job, why can’t the DOJ indict more of the millions of American hackers that operate on American soil, and not indict only one or two every couple of decades, why?

Some months ago I received an e-mail from a friend, a wealthy friend, and he asked me to send him some money to an address in a foreign country. It sounds like he is in trouble. I called his home in Diamond Bar, and his wife answered the phone. I asked her where her husband is, and she gave the phone to him. He is there in Diamond Bar, California, and not in a foreign country. He told me that hackers had compromised his Microsoft e-mail, and changed his password so he cannot log in to read his mail.

Changing passwords, yours and mine, without our permission is one of their favorite deception techniques. There is a reason why they change people’s password. In my friend’s case, my friend would not know if I or anyone else has sent him money or how much because he cannot access his e-mail, so this dumb hacker must have thought.

The title of my book is “Ctrl + Alt + Del” and its subtitle is “Letters from a Victim of Hackers + Hookers + Pimps” to describe what they are all about. You’ll find these keys on the last bottom row of your keyboard. These combination keys provide additional security measures. Normally, by default, when you start your Windows, there is not a requirement to push these three keys simultaneously before you can log in. I have read, however, that your Window’s login page can be real or fake. And if the fake login Window captures your Windows password, hackers, hookers, and pimps can have quick access to your computer. And so, Bill Gates has invented the “Ctrl + Alt + Del” keys that you must push simultaneously for additional security to avoid the fake login Window. The next obvious question is how do you add “Ctrl + Alt + Del” to your Windows login screen. There are two ways that you can do this, Method 1 and Method 2. Method 1 is simpler and requires fewer steps than Method 2, whereas Method 2 requires more steps than Method 1, but you have more options to choose from. I prefer method 2, but you are free to try either method. Using either method, you must start by pushing the Windows key + R.; Please do it now. After you do this you will see a small rectangular screen that runs from left to right. Enter “netplwiz” and click “OK”.