Sugar is like a poison to your body. If you have diabetes, table sugar will kill you faster than if you are a non-diabetic. And if you do not have diabetes, eating sugar will increase your chances of getting the disease. I know this from personal experience. I have worked at numerous hospitals caring for people with diabetes who have lost their toes or legs. I have worked at dialysis centers caring for patients with end-stage-renal-disease (ESRD). Many of my best friends have died from complications of diabetes. And of those who are still alive, many have diabetes and some are blind. They were born normal and healthy, but as they grow older, they become diabetics.

 Ellen G. White, the founder of the Seventh Day Adventist faith, had written articles, more than a century ago, about how bad sugar is for our body. She said we eat too much sugar. My oldest brother, a physician, once told me that if we coat a piece of cardboard with chocolate and sugar, people will eat them. He had seen and treated thousands of patients with diabetes in his lifetime. And I have no doubt that the reason why we see the incidence of diabetes rises at an alarming rate, worldwide, is primarily due to our wrong diet - we eat too much food, sugar, and sweets. 

 Our brain and body can use only glucose sugar for energy. Any other form of sugar that we eat had to be processed first and converted into glucose before our body and brain cells can utilize them. Once we accumulate glucose in our body, our pancreas detected the presence of sugar in our blood, and it automatically releases insulin allowing glucose to enter the cells of our body and brain and thereby lowering the level of sugar circulating in the blood to tolerable or normal level. This is how homeostasis works - to reach a stable equilibrium between independent elements in our body that affects the body's physiological processes.

 What happens if our pancreas is slow in secreting the insulin? What happens if the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin to reduce the amount of sugar in our blood? Or, what happens if our body can not get rid of the excess sugars quickly from our system? What happens is this - our body is no longer in balance (homeostasis).

 Ellen G. White wrote that sugar is not good for us. It clogs the system and affects the brain. Excess sugar that the body can not use is excreted through the kidneys and spilled over into the urine of many people with diabetes.

 In short, when we eat too much food or sugar, our pancreas works overtime secreting insulin. Eating too much food or sugar can also lead to obesity and diabetes, both risk factors for kidney disease. Our pancreas and kidneys are continuously subjected to high-stress stimuli. According to 
Hans Selye, an endocrinologist scientist, "the father of stress research," during a period of stress, our body goes through three stages - alarm stage, resistance stage, and exhaustion stage which he called the general adaptation syndrome.  At this last stage, the exhaustion stage, the stress level goes up and stays up. The body seems to adapt to what was previously considered an abnormal condition. In other words, if your body is used to or is accustomed to high blood pressure or high blood sugar each day, few or no drugs can bring them down and keep them down. I have seen patients whose blood pressures are over 200 systolic consistently, or blood sugar of 250 or more before breakfast, persistently, and no medication seems to work well for them. Eventually, many of them end up sitting in dialysis chairs at dialysis centers three times a week for hours each week or die in the hospital's Emergency Room.

Reducing or eliminating your sugar intake, however, can reduce your risk for obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease. I urge you to carefully watch what you eat, and how much you eat. 

Ask yourself, is eating a large amount of food, sugar, and sweets worth your suffering? 

Trust me, I have seen them all and you don't want to own any of the diseases that I have mentioned here.

Sigh.....I hope I am not wasting my time sharing my experience with readers about health and how to live healthily through diet and exercise, particularly my advice on stop eating too much food and sugar, and start walking and jogging instead of just sitting all day long. However, I realize that changing a bad habit is never easy, and sometimes impossible. For example, I saw a tramp today who attended my church. I first saw him about a year or two ago sitting on the ground near a parking lot at the church begging for money. The church gives him clothes and shoes to wear. Some members donated a good car to him. The church helps him with his rent and food. And all that he is asked to do is to greet people at the door during service. He did this for a while, but today I saw him back begging for money on a street corner. That's what he is accustomed to doing during most of his life - begging for money. That's the kind of life that he is used to, begging for money, eating twinkies, drinking liquor, and smoking weed.

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