Dirty Rice


Louisiana Cajun Dirty Rice

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Tempeh Added

  Most women in Indonesia spend hours cooking in the kitchen. As a young student, I used to live with a family in Malang, Indonesia. The husband is a pastor of a church, and his wife stays home and cooks for the family. During the week I notice that she spends hours cooking each day which I thought was the usual standard time that women spend in the kitchen to cook for the family until we came to this country and discovered that I could cook a delicious rice dish in less than an hour with no sweat. Here's how I make my Dirty Rice with tempeh added. First, I chopped my tempeh as the picture shows below.


  Next, I get a package of Wild Rice from the shelf of my favorite grocery store, any brand, and start making my wild rice dish, carefully following the cooking directions described on the package. You may add more spices to your rice if you so desire. I then add my tempeh in the pot and continue to stir the whole thing until the water is almost gone. Finally, I use a steamer to finish cooking my wild rice. 

That is not so difficult to do, is it? Enjoy!