Dream Killer


 There are people in this world who like to kill the dream of other people. For example, I know a young kid who loves to become an educated thief – a hacker. He went to a Junior college to learn the basics of hacking. His mother, once the victim of a hacker, discourages him from taking the course. She told him to take a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science instead of a no degree in computer hacking. But the kid refused to listen to his mother. He has made up his mind to be a hacker. He admits that he has neither the talent nor the brain to be a computer scientist.

For lack of a better terminology, I call the mother a “dream killer.” There are many dream killers in life. Many dream killers are your close friends. In some cases, they are your spouses. In this story - a mother. Most of us had dreams when we were little. I dream that I can fly like Superman. I can soar with the eagles in the sky. Some of you may have less exciting dreams than I have. Perhaps all you want is to make enough pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters as hackers, and travel to the polluted beaches of Tijuana, Mexico, on vacation. That's alright if that is your dream. I cannot make you dream big when you want to dream small. Besides, if everybody dreams big, who is going to pick up the garbage, mop the hallway, clean the rooms, wash the windows, or meddle with our 2016 presidential election? There is a need for everybody, big dreamer, or small dreamer, as long as in the end it can lead to a job that society approves.

Is hacking legal? Is stealing legal? Is harassment legal? Is deception legal? Is pimping legal? Is prostitution legal? Is selling illicit drugs legal? None of them is legal. But why can companies legally hire hackers, deceivers, and intruders on their payroll, but can’t hire pimps and prostitutes in their business? Is this not a double standard?

  It, therefore, seems very clear to me that what determines the legality of a job depends solely on who hires the workers, and not on the job itself. I heard that the IRS has hackers on their payroll. Lawyers and some other businesses or agencies also have hackers on their payroll. But no other business, private or not, can hire and keep prostitutes and pimps on their payroll. Why? Is this not called a double standard? Is this not considered job discrimination in America? Some can hire people to do illegal work, e.g. hackers, but others cannot hire pimps. Where is the law? Doesn't the law apply equally to everyone with no favoritism?

Right now our economy is in bad shape. Many people are unemployed, including hookers, pimps, and prostitutes. The government should not show favoritism in its hiring practices and laws. If businesses can freely hire hackers, they should also be allowed to hire pimps, hookers, and prostitutes. That is only fair.

I see hackers as hitmen. Is it legal to hire hitmen? I saw no Federal or State laws that expressly prohibits the hiring of hitmen - hackers. I hope Congress will soon introduce legislation that forbids the hiring of hackers with substantial penalties on those who violate the laws - two years in prison and $100,000.00 fine for each hacker they employ. Also, whistle-blowers who report their employers who violated the laws by hiring hackers will share 30% of the fine collected. 

Call or write your representatives in Congress, and tell them that you are very concerned about the growing number of hackers. They multiply like ants and cockroaches. And they can cause the foundation of our Security and Privacy to collapse in a short time. The problems we have with hackers have long reached epidemic levels. And this is because we have done nothing to effectively break or kill their dream. But if we continue to do nothing, we will see a different “North Korean” threat in our land or a new “ISIL/ISIS” security threat that will be difficult for America to control.

Now we still have the capability to do something about these hackers in America. And we start that “something” by demanding that our representatives legislate new laws that prohibit the hiring of hackers - an unlawful class of workers, just like prostitutes and drug dealers. We do not hire prostitutes, drug dealers, and hitmen in our businesses. Why do we allow companies to hire hackers?

Believe me, if we pass legislation through Congress, or even by means of President Trump's executive order that makes hacker employment illegal in America, we will cut the incidence of hacking in half. Do a sting operation, and you will find that American hackers regularly collude with Russian hackers to destabilize our country.

“Privacy laws” mean little, or nothing, unless we keep hackers out from our job market, and away from our great land - USA. 

Hackers, hookers, and pimps are like some chronic diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes. If you are lucky you can treat hypertension with just one drug. Often you have to give three or more drugs for the treatment to work. I love to share with you the different "weapons" that I use to fight hackers that are effective, but I can't explain them here for obvious reasons. You need to think and figure it out yourself because I know that you are smarter than those hackers, hookers, and pimps. For example, I found this statistic below on my Google account on 2/18/2018.


 Ukraine (Russia), as you see on the map above, is the second country with the largest activities looking at us - Soytempeh. Why would they be staring at us? These hackers eat twinkies and not tempeh. They drink cheap beer and not high-priced protein drink. Why would they probe Soytempeh day and night? They want to tear us apart, that's why. American hackers paid Ukraine (Russian) hackers the equivalent of about $10.00 a day, just like we pay for migrant laborers from Mexico who work on our farms. They are cheap Russian hackers and work for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Do I blame the Russian Putin or the Chinese Xi Jinping for meddling with Soytempeh? No, only an IDIOT would do that, blaming other people's children when we really should squarely lay the blame on our own rotten kids, American hackers, hookers, and pimps. They have been hacking us for the past 10 years, or longer. I have recent evidence that shows that on February 15, 6:12 PM a Ukrainian hacker had compromised my password, signed in to my Google account, and changed my passwords. See proof below.  



This is a wake-up call for Google. Years ago I post on my web a prediction that Google will be the victim of hackers, see here. I was right. They penetrated my Google account. If they can compromise my Google account, surely they can do to millions of other Google accounts too.

All these "Russian collusions" rhethorics that we hear in the media are nothing but a huge pile of crap. American hackers are using foreign hackers, Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Koreans, and others to mess us up. Our problem is with the American collusion, not the Russian collusion. Special Investigator Mr. Mueller can investigate for years and spend a ton of money looking for "Russian collusions," and he can find none. Why? Because there is no such thing, "Russian collusion."  But if he looks for "American collusion," look for American hackers who secretly pay money to the starving Russian hackers to do their dirty job, his job is done. Having said that, I hope our government is smart enough to know what to do with the American hackers, hookers, and pimps. One of the smartest things that the FBI can do is to black-list the names of all college students who enrolled in a "networking" course," or who have completed the course. I see them as potential hackers. There are plenty of jobs for  U.S. hackers - no need for marijuana or drug screen. Watch every form of communications between the U.S. hackers and the Russian hackers.

American hackers collude with the Ukrainian (Russian) hackers to mess us up, and I call them the 
American collusion. If you cannot see the American collusion, Americans using foreign hackers to destabilize our country, you must be seriously blind; or grossly ignorant!