Starting a home is like starting a business. You have to have adequate capital and know-how. Many of today’s young people are not adequately prepared to start a home and have kids. They have little or no capital. Most of the newly married couples also have no experience in building a home. But yet, they dare to start a new home when all that they have and know is just this.

Most businesses failed not because their owners have died, but because they ran out of money. They underestimate the amount of cash that they need to pay their bills. And to make matters worse, some have little or no knowledge about the business that they are in. In short, they have no business in starting a business.

Similarly, many couples who entered into a partnership to build a home are not only woefully unprepared, no capital and no experience, but they have also chosen the wrong partner. Why would they do so? It must be because of this, and nothing else. The Bible says, "Because of this, a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two will be into one flesh" (Ephesians 5:31). Do you think a man/woman will leave his/her father and mother if not because of this?  No, of course not; even an idiot (hacker) would not do it.

I once asked my mother how she first met my dad. Here’s what she said. She met him at her grandmother's house, not in a stinking bar. Someone had made an arrangement for my dad to see my mom at her house. When my father arrived, my mom briefly showed up to serve him a cup of tea, and then she left. That’s how they first met. In the meantime, my dad learned as much as he can from everyone who knows about my mom. And my mom’s grandmother, in turn, asked everyone who knows much about my dad – his work, his education, who his parents are, and so forth. And based on the satisfactory results of their investigation, both parents agreed to let their children marry each other - my mother and my father.

Years ago I liked to jog at a nearby high school’s football field after the sun goes down (dark). While I ran, I almost stepped on a boy and a girl who was “wrestling” on the grass. Apparently, they were in the middle of doing 
this. I almost jumped and stepped on them. I could not see them in the dark from far.

That’s how some young couples meet – on the lawn, and not in a home. 

Here are some divorce statistics in the U.S.: 1914-1915 10%; 1959-1963 22%; 1985 50%; and the divorce rate has been steadily increasing every year. I believe the primary reason why couples don't stay together "till death do we part," is because they are careless in choosing their mates. And decades of experience shows that the more careless they are in selecting their mates, the sooner their partnership will go sour and break apart.

How do you select a partner with care? Investigate thoroughly his or her present and past background and 
culture. Get your parents involved in the investigative process. Ask for their opinion, and don't ignore them. Your parents know more about life than you do.

Don't believe in his or her words, especially when you meet the person in a bar. He may claim that he is the CEO of a big company, or a Psychologist when in reality that person is nothing but a fake and a descendant of Lucifer. I heard the men in the bar say that they like to go after Oriental women because their brain is smaller than their eyes.