Fake news, according to President Donald J. Trump, are made up news about him and his Administration that have no factual basis. The so-called media journalists made up the news so they can continue to draw money from their employers. For example, recently I read a Chicago Tribune news article that says, "Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process right." I don't know whether the article is fake news or not - I did not hear him say that. But the logic behind such statement is stupid. Why would President Donald Trump give these illegal immigrants "due-process" when they came to our borders without "due process." Did our laws specifically require that we give these illegal immigrants "due process" when they suddenly showed up at our doorsteps? If their "due-process" is not guaranteed by law, do we owe them anything?  Besides, what is the definition of "due-process."?

​​Another topic, it is written,

            And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the
            nations, and then the end shall come. Matthew 24:14

Which gospel of the kingdom shall be preached, the true gospel or the fake gospel? The gospel of the kingdom as Jesus knew it, or the gospel of the kingdom that most Christians learn and teach at seminaries and theology schools? For instance, the Bible has never mentioned a word about the "Trinity." At Christians' theology schools, however, the Trinity doctrine is heavily emphasized in their curriculum. Who planted in their head this fake news - fake doctrine?

Look here for the answer. Read carefully this important history that explains when Trinity becomes the official doctrine of Christianity.  Nowhere in the Bible is the word Trinity mentioned, yet all Christians worship the three gods.

      Jesus commanded His apostles to teach others exactly what He had taught—”teaching them to obey 
      everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:20, NIV). He condemned the replacing of God’s
      commandments with traditions and human reason. Speaking to the Pharisees, Jewish religious leaders
      of His day, He said: “For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men…All too
      well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition” (Mark 7:8-9).

      Few understand how the Trinity doctrine came to be accepted - several centuries after the Bible was    

      completed!  Yet its roots go back much farther in history. Beyond Today (1995 -2017}

The prophet Enoch walked with God and worshiped only ONE God, Yahweh. That is the NATURE of God - The Holy One. The prophets Elijah, Daniel, Moses, and all the other Old Testament prophets worship only ONE God, and His name is "Yahweh," and no other name. And they all made it to heaven by worshiping only ONE God, and nothing more. The Holy Spirit was present when the world was created, yet Moses, Daniel, Elijah and all the other prophets did not worship the Holy Spirit. They only worshiped God - Yahweh. They are obedient to God and followed all of His Commandments - no pick and choose.

The two other personalities of God are fake images invented by the world - pagan origins.

Today's Christian preachers are following many pagan's practices, such as Christmas, Easter Sunday, and so forth. They do what the world tells them to do, or do what is convenient for them to do as long as their listeners are happy and their offering plates are full. But what Jesus taught them to do they do not do, such as feet washing during the Holy Communion service. The Ordinance of Feet Washing, in my view, is an integral part of the Holy Communion. Jesus participated in the Feet Washing to set an EXAMPLE for us to
follow. Do we follow the example that He wants us to follow? No, instead we celebrate Easter Sunday and Christmas, and worship three gods - pagan customs and practices. Do we know the exact date, week or month when Jesus rose from His grave? No, we don't know. Do we know the date and month when Jesus was actually born? No, we don't know that either. Then how can we celebrate Jesus' birthday on December 25, each year, when you and I have no clue when He was born? Is that what Jesus wants us to do, honor and celebrate His birthday on any day, like on Halloween night?

Many Christians worship God only with their lips, and not with their heart. They played noisy music in church, offer coffee and sodas, hot tea, pancakes and cookies to everyone who comes to church as bait to lure them; so they will return again next week for more cookies, cakes, sodas, coffee and tea  - and more cash offerings.

How can we expect Jesus to come soon when Christians are preaching the fake gospel to the whole world - the fake news?


Fake News