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  Regular bowel movement is a prerequisite to a healthy body. The practice of taking castor oil to flush the guts (the small and lower intestines, including the large intestines and the colon) has been done for generations. My mother and father-in-law "regularly" take small amounts of Castor oil on an as needed basis - prn.
   Few people understand the necessity of keeping their intestines clean. They bathe daily to keep their hair and skin clean, they wash their clothes and linens and clean them regularly; they make sure that their carpets are clean, they'll get everything around them cleaned, but they forget and overlook to clean their internal organ, especially their intestines, which is vital for their good health.
   When we eat food, we hope that the bulk or majority of the foods that we swallow goes through our digestive system and exit the other end of our alimentary canal the following day. Well, that doesn't always happen. Some of the food that we eat may still sit in our intestines for days, perhaps high up in our intestines. If the bulk of the foods that we eat did not get regularly expelled from our intestines and remained there for days, after the nutrients have been absorbed during the earlier process of digestion and absorption, what remained there will be the toxic waste because of bacterial action, fermentation and other wasteful and toxic chemical reactions. Don't forget that the function of our stomach and other parts of the intestines are not only to digest the foods that we eat, but also, more importantly, to absorb what we eat, including the nutrients, and whatever toxic waste products that remain in the intestines.
   That's why it is so important we keep our intestines clean so that our body does not absorb the waste products that accumulate from foods that we ate that now have turned into toxic waste "hiding" somewhere in parts of our intestines for days.
   One way to keep your bowels clean is to do what my father-in-law did, take Castor oil. But if you are a diabetic or have other medical conditions and are taking certain medications you should consult with your health care provider first before deciding to take Castor oil.
   Another good simple way of keeping your intestines clean and healthy is by taking Metamucil™ or psyllium hulls regularly, or eating plenty of foods that are high in fiber. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids also, preferably clear water when you take Metamucil™.
   I wish you well, as always.


Healthy Intestines