According to Mr. Donald Trump, our current President, we are not winning anymore. We are losing in our trade, we are losing at our borders, our health care, in our battle against ISIL/ISIS, our innocent citizens are killed by fanatics worldwide; and finally, many say that we are losing in our fight against computer hackers. In short, we are losing everywhere.

 Why? The main reason, according to Mr. Donald Trump, is because we have an overabundance of INCOMPETENT and STUPID people running our country and our businesses. For example, my LinkedIn account was recently hacked by a LinkedIn hacker. I complained to LinkedIn. Instead of investigating my complaint thoroughly, they blamed me for the cause of the problem. Finally, for some odd reason, they have come to their senses and say that based on their investigation and after "diving deep" and checking the IP addresses, they found that I have nothing to do with my hacked account and that no one breached my account. Whose IP address was it that they checked? What dumb hacker in the world would leave his/her actual IP address behind so people can trace them? Are they dreaming when they make such conclusion? Or are they just plain stupid? Is it any wonder why our country is not winning anymore? Is it any wonder why LinkedIn is known as the House of Hackers where hackers live, steal and thrive? What has LinkedIn do to kick them out from their house? I suspect they are still there, hiding under the warm blanket. IT people who work in social media can never be complacent. Why? Because hackers are never complacent. That's how they make a living - stealing information from millions of social media subscribers. 

  Doesn't Microsoft know that when they buy LinkedIn, they not only get LinkedIn but they also get their INCOMPETENT employees, part, and parcel, who don't know the difference between a real IP address, a fake IP address, and no IP address at all? In short, they don't know what they are doing. And not only that, they lied. How can a hacker post an "update" on my LinkedIn homepage without breaching my account?

  Doesn't Verizon know that when they bought Yahoo, they not only got Yahoo, but they also got their INCOMPETENT and

NEGLIGENT employees, part, and parcel, who are indifferent in protecting the privacy of Yahoo subscribers from infiltration by the White hackers who exploited the Black youths to do their dirty hacking jobs? Doesn't Verizon know all these? Read IMPORTANT UPDATE below.

 Incidentally, I predict that
Google+ is just waiting for its turn to have their customers' account hacked and passwords stolen by these deplorable American hackers, just like LinkedIn and Yahoo. I can see that it is coming. And the reason is that people say that their employees are too COMPLACENT. When people are too complacent, they become LAZY!

 According to
Abraham Maslow, the world's most famous Humanistic Psychologist, one of the fundamental needs that all humans have are the need for safety and security. With hackers living next door to us, the 117 million LinkedIn members and the 500 million - one billion Yahoo subscribers can never get their safety and security needs met. Isn't it time that we lock up these hackers in steel cages? What do you think?

  What is a hacker? By my definition, a "hacker" is a despicable punk who breaks into a network, computer, file, etc., usually with a malicious intent to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness ( and jealousy; or for money. They are usually grade school dropouts who cannot find decent jobs that require high school diplomas, college degrees, or legal skills. Their only expertise is to break into people's computers, cell phones, tablets and other such devices and steal whatever information that they can get from them and make easy money, just like those other despicable characters - 
pimps. Hackers are unhappy looking people whose hearts are full of jealousy and envy of others.

 How do you know your computer is hacked? The earliest sign that you can tell that your computer is hacked is when you see the tip of your cursor jumps all over the place 
while your hand is not. There is nothing wrong with your mouse. What happens is a jerk is probing your computer with his/her cursor. And during the probing process, she/he leaves stealth spies ("sleeper cells") inside your PC and activates them when they hack your computer again. Antivirus cannot detect this malware, although some claim that they can. They cannot! Only reputable anti-malware can crush these spies ("sleeper cells") that hackers plant in your computer. Get good anti-malware software immediately, such as Malwarebytes. There is other anti-malware/antivirus on the market, but this one lets you try for free and is very effective. Try a good anti-malware in combination with a reputable antivirus to help protect your computer.

 Hackers are home-grown
terrorists (cyber-terrorists) with despicable ideology/belief. They plant stealth "sleeper cells" and "spies" inside your computer and make your Internet life miserable, such as frequent disconnects, expose you "naked" to the world, and numerous other serious privacy and computer problems. They can also hack your home phone, cell phone, your iPad, and other such devices. So you need this program to crush the "spies" and "sleeper cells" inside your computer/device, in addition to a good antivirus. 

 Many good computers have been ruined and retired prematurely not because they are old, but because they have been consistently and repeatedly probed and attacked by hackers on a regular basis. They make your brand new computer obsolete in no time. They use your expensive computers as their laboratory to practice their hacking skills at your expense - 24/7/365. Investing in 
Malwarebytes, I believe, is way cheaper than buying new laptops or desktops every couple of years to replace those that have been damaged or ruined by hackers.

  Do not underestimate the capability of U.S. hackers. We tend to think that Russian, Chinese, Korean, Syrian or other hackers from foreign nations are the only source of our hacking problems. While that may be true in certain cases, we cannot forget that American hackers are worse than foreign hackers. They can do a lot more damage to us because we don't recognize them -
they collude with and hide behind the Russian, Chinese, Ukrainians, Syrian, Iranians, and other hackers from all over the world, and use them as their "human shield."

 Talking about hiding and hacking, I don't believe the Russians are interested in our Presidential election. They have openly said so in the media. They live thousands of miles away from us. And so is China. China doesn't care who wins the election, Clinton or Trump. What they don't want is for us to meddle in their internal affairs. Have we forgotten that Russia and China have always voted against us on important issues before the United Nations, regardless of who our President is? They don't care who our president is, Bush, Obama, Clinton, or Trump. Do you understand what I am saying? North Korea does the same thing. They don't care who our president is or what he says. So why do you think that the Russian hacked the DNC headquarter, to make Trump happy? They don't care who wins. They are not in the business of making our Presidents happy. Also, I don't believe that Russia gains anything if Trump is elected. The Russians want to keep Crimea, for instance, and they don't care who our President is, Obama, Trump or Clinton, or what they say. The same with China. They want to grab the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, and they don't care who our President is. Even Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, our best friend, doesn't care who our President is, or what he says. He keeps building new settlements against the objections of the Palestinians and President Obama. Does it make sense then to say that the Russians want to meddle in our Presidential election when nobody in the world, including Russia and North Korea, cares who our President is?

 It is the Americans, who care about the result of our presidential election. And they are using foreign hackers as human shields to protect them and to hack us - private citizens, businesses, our government, DNC headquarters, Clinton's e-mail, and so forth; and make fast easy money, just like those deplorable 
pimps. For example, have you heard about the most recent Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal that involves Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin? Who are they, Russian, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, or Americans? No, they are all Americans, including Hillary Clinton. She blamed the Russians for her problems and misfortunes, but she was the source of her bad luck. In Indonesian we call it "nasib buruk," and in English, we call it ugly fate or bad luck.

 I believe we should quit blaming the Russians or the Chinese for our hacking problems
. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are not owned or employed by the Russian; and neither is Manning, Snowden, and the other American hackers whom we have not caught them yet. I sincerely hope that my argument here will make readers start thinking, seriously, about American hackers, and what we can to do to drown them. Remember, Donald Trump won the election because the majority of Americans have elected him. The American people chose him, and not the Russians. So, don't blame the Russians. Instead, blame the American hackers. They want their friends, Snowden and Julian Assange, to return home - FREE. And they know that Obama and Hillary Clinton want their two buddies, Snowden and Assange, at least prosecuted, if not electrocuted. And so, they decide to vote for Trump, the lesser of two evils. Donald Trump won - simple logic. Also, for weeks and months during the campaign Bernie Sanders has poisoned the minds of millions of his followers not to trust Hillary Clinton. When Bernie decided to withdrew from the campaign, millions of his sympathizers and followers turned to Trump, and not to Clinton because their minds have already been poisoned by Bernie Sanders not to trust Hillary Clinton. And to make matters worse for Hillary, American hackers gave the final death blow by hacking the DNC and Hillary's e-mails. The final result, Trump won!
Look, how can you know for sure that they are Russian hackers only, how? They can be American hackers colluding with Russian hackers.

 Have you heard what Hillary Clinton has recently said? She said that the Russian hackers are guided by us - American hackers. This indicates collusion. But it is hard to prove collusion. I hope that under Robert Mueller, the Special Investigator, we can catch the American hackers and stop them from giving out our nickels, dimes, and quarters to their friends, the Russian hackers.

 Isn't it strange that neither the FBI nor the CIA knows who hacks LinkedIn and Yahoo, but they claim that they know who hacked the DNC headquarter and Hillary Clinton's e-mail - the Russian intelligence and Putin? Are the U.S. hackers smarter than the Russian hackers?  Or are the American hackers using the Russian intelligence's office to hack us from Moscow? I think the latter is the true answer. American hackers collude with the Russian hackers to expose the DNC naked before the world. Most people are sick and tired of Obamacare. They are sick and tired of President Barack Obama; and dreaded the possibility that Hillary Clinton might be the next U.S. President - another eight year of U.S. businesses fleeing overseas, millions of immigrant refugees pouring into the U.S. from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq; and tons of drugs smuggled in across the border. So they elect Donald Trump as their President. Also, have you ever thought where Snowden and Assange are now hiding? Can you guess where?

 Look, guys; there are millions of hackers in America, more than enough to make Clinton or Trump wins the election. Almost every business in America, banks, government agencies, private companies, universities, lawyers, tax collectors, and thousands of other firms have hackers on their payroll or have secret access to hackers that they can pay to do their dirty job. In fact, I read that Bill Gates was once a hacker before. We are surrounded by hackers (terrorists), like it or not. Many computer software companies and other IT businesses employ lots of people with strong basic knowledge and training that many hackers possess.They recruit their employees from a pool of active and former hackers.They are the cheapest people to hire. A previous neighbor, an experienced hacker, drops out of high school, works for an IT business, and receives college pay.

 Hacking is no longer a "hobby" to pass free time. Some went to college to learn the basics of hacking. Others have chosen hackers as their lifetime career. What are we going to do when American hackers collude with Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and hackers of other unfriendly nations to terrorize us? They know where the CIA officials reside, they know where FBI officials live, and they know where every Federal employees and their family live. What are we going to do when American hackers collude with our enemies? Can we start a cyber war against them when we don't know who our enemy is? Or, when we do have a cyber war with Russia, is it going to be between America and Russia, between the U.S. and the American hackers who collude with the Russians in Saint Petersburg, or between the U.S., alone, against the Russian and American hackers who together disguised as Russian hackers in Saint Petersburg? It looks like we need both the CIA and the FBI to investigate the link between the Russian hackers and the American hackers/hookers/pimps. In fact, I believe that this upcoming cyber war will be a war between the CIA and the FBI against American hackers who use Russian hackers in Saint Petersburg, and elsewhere, as their human shield to terrorize us - U.S. citizens everywhere. Where is the NSA, still on coffee breaks?

 I bet that those who influenced the outcome of our recent Presidential election were not Russian hackers, but American hackers whom I called "CSS." They get CEO wages, but pay their Russian counterparts beggar's tips to do the dirty job for them. The CIA reports that Russia interferes in our Presidential election. The FBI disagrees. The FBI is correct. I think it is time for the CIA to refocus their attention on America, and not in Russia. In other words, don't blame other people's kids. Blame your rotten kids. The CIA has been wrong before when it said that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. But the FBI, as we all know, has been prosecuting pimps and hookers and hackers for a very long time - centuries. They know what these suckers (CSS) are doing every day. I believe in the FBI, common sense, logic, and critical thinking when analyzing our hacking problems. And so should you.

 I heard Senator McCain said today, hacking is the equivalent of "declaration of war." If that is true, then why doesn't he and the other law makers introduce legislation in Congress declaring war against American hackers. I am sure Yahoo, LinkedIn, and others love to join with the FBI, CIA, and the NSA in an extended war against American hackers. I want to share with you how the elite forces of the Indonesian police found and killed a top Indonesian terrorist. He was running away and hiding from the police. The police found him in an Internet cafe busy sending messages to his followers on a computer. Apparently his Internet message was intercepted by the police. He resisted arrest, and the police shot him dead. No one dares to file "police brutality" charges against the police for killing terrorists and hackers. Hacking is an act of war, according to Senator John McCain. Many Senators agree with Senator McCain. What are we waiting for? Start by hunting the American hackers who colluded with a foreign country, Russia. They are daily plotting against us - the U.S.  For example, where are Snowden and Assange hiding now?

 Hackers are a group of busybody, self-righteous, and self-appointed judges. They want to know what people do and where they live, but they carefully hide themselves from the world and make sure that no one knows who they are, what they do, and where they live. They make their self-righteous determination as to whom would be their daily hacking victims, without their knowledge or consent, without a court warrant, and without a court order. They consider themselves judges over people's lives. When issues or disputes arise between two or more parties, they want to be the judge, as is the case when they hacked the DNC headquarter and other U.S. institutions and businesses. They don't believe in peaceful resolution through the court system.They are like the DUKUN in Java. In modern Indonesia, if they dare to terrorize the Indonesian people, like what the American hackers did to their government and citizens for decades, the Indonesian government will hunt them down, just like they would hunt for terrorists and wild animals.Smart people run the National Intelligence Agency in Indonesia. They killed and got rid of their top terrorist in a matter of months. In America, even President Obama and Hillary Clinton don't know where these hackers are or live. They think that these hackers are in Russia. Why do they think like that? Because the mail comes from Russia, the postage are Russian stamps, so it must be the Russians. LOL... LOL... Can you see now why the world has NO respect for the U.S.? In America people laughed, danced, and clapped hands when they see hackers burned the American flag. In Indonesia, when a hacker dares to burn the Indonesian flag, people will more likely than not beat him/her to a pulp. No Indonesian hacker dares to mess with the Indonesian government for long.  No, Mr. President, you can never find the "Russian" hackers because you are looking in the wrong place. As I have stated somewhere, Russia doesn't care who our President is or will be. They don't care, period! Why do you think the Russians would care who our President is? Even the PM of Israel, our best friend, doesn't care who our President is or what he says. He keeps building new settlements in areas of Israel in opposition to the objections of President Obama and the Palestinian people. Hopefully, under President elect Donald Trump, America will get its respect back from the world.

 Visualize that you are surrounded by thieves (hackers) who live with you. You cannot leave cash on your table or even hidden somewhere in your closet or in your suitcase at home. They will find and steal them. If you want to store cash don't keep them in the home. If you want to store confidential information, don't store them on your smartphone that you are now using, even when your phone is password protected.  They can steal them from your phone. Instead, buy a spare phone with no active Internet connection, and store them there. BE SMART. 

 So then, once you are aware that you are surrounded by thieves, what do you do? What do you do when a pop up suddenly appears in the form of a questionnaire, survey, or anything that asks for your response? DO NOT RESPOND. Ignore it like you would when you see a pile of crap. In English, it is called Phishing. In Indonesian, it is called "Pengelabuan." Do not fall for their TRAP. "Google Update" pop up is another pile of CRAP. Do not respond unless you want your computer infected with virus.

  Don't forget to configure your Malwarebytes settings with a password before you finalize the installation of your software. If you find Malwarebytes useful, please share it with your friends and relatives. Share it with everybody.

  Have you ever noticed that when you shut down (sign off) from your computer a program that you don't recognize is preventing it from closing? Rest assured that a hacker was in the middle of probing your computer that prevents it from shutting off right away. Or, a software conflict prevents your computer from shutting down immediately. How and where did you get the software conflict from? In my case, the conflict comes from all the shit that those shithead have installed on my computer. How did I resolve those conflicts? I do

 Frankly, I can never understand why people want to be hackers.  Hackers are rapists, pimps, and prostitutes - three in one. If people ask them, what is their job title? Pimps? Prostitutes? Rapists? Don't they feel humiliated? Why don't they go back to college and study to become engineers, medical doctors, accountants, software developers, and any of the many respectable occupations that their significant others, parents, children, wife, and husband can look up to and can be proud of them?

 They have recently prevented me from accessing my web hosting site. Anytime when I tried to connect to that site, I got an "Access Denied" message, just like what certain oppressive governments do to their citizens. It took me less than five minutes to figure out how to go around it, and I can now post again.

 I am giving you lots of advising on how you can prevent your computer from getting infected with malwares. One thing that I URGENTLY want to recommend to everyone, and that is to scan your computer with
Malwarebytes before you go to bed at night. You don't want to turn off your computer with malwares still sitting in them. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the scan. In addition, download, install and scan your computer with SAS - these two are the BEST, according to a friend who is a computer savvy. They are FREE to try.

 OK, now I want to say briefly about routers and what you need to do to secure your router. CSS enter your router from a distant, through wireless connection. You must know how to access your router so you can change the default password and ID of your router. Normally, when you login to your router you would enter "admin" for your ID and enter "password" for your password. However, in order to see the window to login to your router you must know your router's IP address. If you don't know your router's IP address, here's what you can do to find out what the IP address of your router is. Start > Run > cmd > enter. When you see a dark command window, type "ipconfig" and press enter. Now, find the "default gateway" and next to it you'll see the IP address of your router. Next, open a browser and type the IP address of your router, hit enter, and there you'll see the window to login to your router. Two things you must do, change the password of your router, and change the pre-shared key for the WPA2-PSK. You don't want to give these CSS easy access to your router and network and mess you up. Someone had asked me what do the initials CSS mean? I don't want to say their full name, because doing so would give them great honor. All what I will say is that their mouth stinks, and their breath stinks, worse than the smell of a dozen skunks. I think I know what they had been sucking. That's why I called them CSS. I have talked to some of them - face-to-face. OMG, their mouth stinks like a week old adult's soiled diaper. Check your network often if you have wireless connection. They like to send their spies there. For example, look at this:




 I am downloading nothing, I am installing nothing, but suddenly I saw that a "device" is being installed on my computer (left). Everything is UP TO DATE. Who asked for this crap? Is this a Christmas "gift" from those CSS? You see what I mean?

 I don't have a cellphone connected to my Network. Whose cellphone is this? I bet it is from the foul smelling CSS (right picture).

I immediately terminated the top "necessary files," and my computer is running just fine without the crap.This reminds me to install and start using "NO SCRIPT" for my browser - now.

If you have Windows 10, you must be familiar with Cortana. You'll find her way at the bottom to your left of your screen. Type "network" and hit "enter." Look for "View Network computers and devices" and click on that link. The next window will show you what devices are connected to your network. There should normally only be TWO icons there - one is an icon of your PC, the other one is an icon of your router. If you see anything else there that you don't recognize, such as an icon of a cellphone, a short word that doesn't make sense like "Ralink," "grids," etc., that usually belong to the CSS who are spying on you. Do NOT share your network connection with them. In the meantime, you will also notice that you have plenty of problems with your computer ranging from "A" to "Z." Those are the problems that you get when U.S. pimps are hacking you. Here's is my "nuclear" solution, and it might also work for you. Check often with Ms. Cortana.

 As much as I like to share my winning strategy with you in facing thousands or perhaps millions of "pimps" and "hookers" and "CSS" on the Internet, I cannot, for obvious reason, share with you everything that I do here, except this brief warning. Most people waited too long to fortify their defenses against Internet hackers after they use their computers for a year or two. That's already too late. The first minute you turn on your new computer and start to  browse, thousands of "pimps" and "hookers" are starting to establish some kind of connection to your computer, probing and attacking your computer. Did you know that you can enable secure boot in your Bios setting? Many, if not most new computers, have this boot option, secure boot vs. legacy boot. Switch to secure boot from legacy boot. After you switch to secure boot, there is one more step that you must do after you turn on your device but before you login to your PC with your windows password. And that is to RESTART your computer to activate the secure boot. If you don't reboot or restart after you turn on your computer, the secure boot process is not completed. In other words, when you turn on your computer in the morning, you are not in the secure boot yet. You have to restart one more time before you are in the secure boot mode.

Going online is just like when you have an open house. Make sure that all your nice and expensive furniture and fixtures are securely bolted to the floor. You should do this before you let visitors (thieves and hackers) into your house. If you don't do this, hackers will clean up your house.You should fortify your computer's defenses immediately after you reformat your disk, and before you go online. There are many things that you can do to protect your computer.

  Finally, I would like to dedicate my favorite 
song to U.S. hackers who have wrecked millions of computers that they had
 used as their laboratory to practice their despicable and deplorable hacking skills.

Important Update:

Last night I went to a party at my friend's house. He works at a large hospital in Southern California overseeing their computer security department. There are many guests present, among them a couple of young Black people, one male, and one female. My friend whispered to me and said that the two Blacks are computer hackers, and the older man sitting next to them, a Caucasian, is their supervisor (the "father" of hackers).

OMG, no wonder Black kids are having so many problems in this country compared to children of other ethnicity who came here from other parts of the world. They are willing to do all the dirty criminal work for the Whites, and the White boss owns them. The White man used these young Black kids as a means to an end - their slaves.



A LinkedIn hacker posted the above update on my LinkedIn homepage. 

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