It saddens me to see the thousands of women, young and old, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, or Albino go through hours and sometimes days of labor pain giving birth to pot smokers who later in life become dumb hackers - stupid pot-smoking hackers. Why did I call them stupid? They are stupid because they cannot get a decent paying job because their urine drug screen is positive for marijuana. When their urine drug screen is positive for a prescription drug, proof of the drug prescription can be easily obtained and shown. But when marijuana is found in their urine, that is sufficient proof that they are retards, and nobody wants to hire them, period. No other proof is needed. What does that tell you about pot smokers?

The only job that they can find is hacking - no need for a clean drug screen. Some of the employers who actively recruit them are private companies, government agencies, political parties, website builders, and fake news.

Where do these hackers get their training from? Mostly from public schools, such as two-year and four-year colleges. They enrolled in a class called "networking".  Actually, the class is an introduction to a hacking course disguised as "networking."

I agree with the Attorney General that marijuana should never be legalized in this country or in any of our 50 States. Why? Because pot smokers cannot think clearly when they are smoking grass.

It Saddens Me