Life without hackers is like life without music – bad music. It is the kind of music that makes listeners sick to their stomach. But to them, hacking is a wonderful job. There is no other job in the world where people can make money by harassing others. Harassment is unlawful - against the law. But for hackers, they can not only harass people, but they can get paid too. Harassment laws that apply to other people, don't seem to apply to them. Hacking is a multi-billion dollar business in the U.S. Also, it is the only kind of job where they can ruin other people’s expensive computer and not be held responsible for it. They learn their trade by using your computer, and my computer, as their laboratory. On the Internet they function like the prosecutor, the jury, and the judge – all in one.

If you don’t have a good computer defender like
Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware, your device will become obsolete and will no longer be useful after one night. They claim that they do ethical hacking. The only ethical hacking that they do is hiding, and making sure that they don’t get caught - hopefully. They take pictures of everybody, hoping that no one takes their pictures from a distance with a video camera. 

If you own a website, and you believe that hackers have been messing with your website by installing their malware codes or malicious files on your site, go to these online sites to scan your websites for malicious codes or malwares for free:;;;  The scan may find some malware or none at all. In either case, you be the judge and do what you feel you must to do to clean your site of malware if you suspect that your site is infected.

 1.  If you own a computer, the first step you must do is get a good anti malware, like Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes will effectively get rid of the garbage dumped on your computer by hackers, hookers, and pimps.

 2.  Get a computer that can restart with SECURE boot vs. legacy boot. Read here about secure boot.

 3.  When secure boot is your default, not legacy boot, you must do frequent reboot (restart) when you are online. Save all your work, and restart your computer.

 4.  Scan your computer more than once during the day. If you have Windows Defender, do a full scan at least once every day while you are eating your breakfast.

 5.  Don’t click any link, anywhere, if you don’t recognize it. Even if you do recognize it, be careful, it can be a bait disguised in a mail from your fake grand mother.
 6.  Apple store, or Microsoft store sometimes require people to routinely give to them their credit card number, and so forth. To prevent unauthorized charges on your old card that they have on you, make a habit and get a new replacement credit card from your bank every six months. 
 ​7.  Start a good new habit. Always use private (incognito) window when you want to conduct your private business.
​ 8.  Change your password frequently using complex passwords.
 9.  Remember to turn off your router when you are not using the Internet. Don't go online unless you have to.
10. Some cookies can make you sick - dangerous tracking cookies. They can make you vomit and have diarrhea all night long, in addition to severe migraine headache. Use a software, like SUPERAntiSyware, that can get rid of the malware, spyware, and dangerous tracking cookies that hackers, hookers, and pimps force you to eat.

11. What's the rush? When you turn on your router in the morning after a night off, don't simultaneously switch your computer on right away. Wait for about five-to ten-minutes, and then you can turn your computer on. Most good routers come with built-in AV and anti malware. Let them face the pimps first before you do. 

12. A virtual keyboard is indispensable. It is also called an on-screen keyboard. Window computers have built-in on-screen keyboard. Use of a virtual keyboard can help keep hackers, hookers, and pimps away from you.
13. Make sure that when you do a scan with your Windows Defender, choose the option "Windows defender off line scan". Some viruses are difficult to remove unless you do the "Windows defender off line scan," in addition to the full scan on a regular basis. Do you understand now why I wrote, "Life without hackers is like life without music – bad music."?
​14. Am I superstitious?  Perhaps I am, but I don't want to turn my computer on when the light(s) of my router is still blinking on/off. I wait until they are all on, steady light, and then I turn my computer on.
15. Another firewall? Yes, a second firewall for your computer is not a bad idea. Sometimes, the standard Windows firewall does not stop unwanted traffic from going in or out of your computer. That's why you need another firewall. You can get free firewall from Zone Alarm. But make sure your firewall does not leak. If it does, get another firewall from a different AV company.

16. Do you want or need a VPN connection? VPN providers often claim that through a VPN connection you can browse "anonymously". That is not necessarily true - a blatant lie to steal your money. Some may collude with another ISP company (different IP address) and pass on all your secrets to that third party. In other words, your "anonymous" VPN provider is leaking your private information to another ISP for resale to hackers, hookers, and pimps. Those of you who might be considering of buying a VPN EXPRESS subscription, be aware that their DNS leaks all your supposedly anonymous traffic to - IP Express VPN New York. The IP address that was given me was There is NOTHING anonymous when you use VPN EXPRESS. In fact, the only anonymity I got from them was when they terminated my service abruptly on August 3, 2017, without telling me a word. My subscription with them ends in December, 2017. Be aware that hackers are not the only people who want your money. Currently, everybody that I know is rushing to get the Tor browser. No DNS leak with a Tor browser, period.

17. If you have Firefox, add Script.

18. Remember, with Secure boot on, frequent restart or reboot is mandatory. The extra seconds or minutes you spend on restart or reboot can save you a LOT of migraine headache.  

Life Without Hackers