The two pictures above are identical, except for the two last lines on the pictures to your right. Each line represents a page of my website, except the last two lines on your right. I don't have pages with the two last titles that you see in the picture to your right. They are malware disguised as image or document files.

It appears that
.exe is no longer their favorite hiding place. Now they hide behind .webp and .docx masks.

I have found some more malware on my account. These hackers, hookers, and pimps have replaced my website pages with their raw code pages. When you click on these infected links, you will see "errors." Look here :

I have never seen these pages until yesterday. Somehow they must found a way to infiltrate my account to place the above codes. These hackers, hookers, and pimps complained that their privacy have been violated. What privacy? If they violated my privacy by maliciously hacking my websites, and they left their fingerprints while committing the crime, and I found, saved and published the criminal evidence, is that violating their privacy?

I am happy for our President Donald Trump. I don't tweet like he does using Twitter. I use my website to tweet.

  If you suspect that your website is infected with malware, there is a good chance that you are right and not wrong. But the problem is how do you find them? These hackers/hookers/pimps are so smart that unless you are smarter than they are, you would never know where they place their malicious files on your website. Even when you think you have the best antimalware in the world, this malware can evade detection.

For a long time, I suspect that my website is infected with malware. But I can find no proof of it. So I keep looking and searching until I finally found them. There may be more malware that I have not discovered yet. Here are the ones that I have found.