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If you want the security of an Apple computer, but your budget allows you to buy a $300.00 Windows computer only, you should buy a Chromebook laptop now while the price and the demand are still low. With a Chromebook you don’t need to install and scan your computer daily with an antivirus or antimalware. You cannot download a software because Chromebook does not use .exe files, or executables. This makes Chromebook pretty safe. Also, do NOT install applications from the Google store that does not come standard with your Chromebook. They can be the most likely source of your privacy and security problems.

I have used a Chromebook for less than a year. It is a new system, and I am still learning how to use this new system. It is not hard to learn. It is just a matter of getting used to the Chromebook and use less of Windows 10.

A habit that I have adopted since Windows 95 is to use 65 characters for my password. My son-in-law told me that it is an “overkill.” I disagree. When fighting hackers, nothing is an overkill.

Why? Hackers are like corona-virus. Have you heard of any method that we currently use to eradicate the spread of corona-virus as an “overkill”? I haven't. In fact, I see hackers as PITA (Pain In The A$$).

They extort money from the technicians who come to your house to repair your Internet, TV, or Telephone. If you don’t believe me, just ask.

If your TV, Telephone, and Internet problems are related to bad wiring inside the house, bad modem, and anything else like that, the technicians can fix them. But if the problems are caused by hackers, and they are capable of creating many such problems, these technicians have no clue what it is that they must do to fix the problem. One guy told me that he doesn't know where to start. He said he is just a technician to install service. He is not a hacker. They don't know what hackers do. It is therefore quicker, much easier and cheaper for them and their company to collude with the hackers and pay them the extortion money. Again, if you don’t believe, ask them. 

Next year the price of your subscription for TV, Internet, and Phone will go up again. The rise is to be expected to make up for the increases in the cost of living and the cost of hacking - PITA.

In addition to the corona-virus pandemic, we are now faced with the PITA pandemic. Lord, have mercy on us! Have mercy on us, apartment dwellers and millions of Americans, who are not as rich as Amazon.com who can afford to hire high-paid professionals to protect their computers or pay high subscription fees just to watch "Three's a Company" so we can laugh briefly after a hard day of labor. Have mercy on us. We can only download the free antivirus. 

  I love to see someone makes a movie of this story. I believe it is going to be a bestseller