​Our tempeh (pronounced tem-PAY) are made by inoculating cracked or split soybeans with Rhizopus oligosporus yeast to give it a firm, thick, compact, chewy and meaty consistency.​


  ​Tapeh (pronounced ta-PAY) are made by fermenting black glutinous rice, tape ketan hitam, or cassava (yuca) root, also known as peuyeum with a yeast inoculum to give it a final spongy texture and mild, sweet wine-like aroma and taste.

​  Our unique Tempeh Chips are made by mixing cassava flour with tempeh, tofu, nuts, beans, garlic, onions, salt, spices and deep fried to make delicious tasting snack foods.           



The three main products that we know how to make are Tempeh, Tapeh, and Tempeh Chips.                                                                


​Tape Ketan Hitam