The three main products that we know how to make are Tempeh, Tapeh, and Tempeh Chips.                                                                


  ​Tapeh (pronounced ta-PAY) are made by fermenting black glutinous rice, tape ketan hitam, or cassava (yuca) root, also known as peuyeum with a yeast inoculum to give it a final spongy texture and mild, sweet wine-like aroma and taste.

​Our tempeh (pronounced tem-PAY) are made by inoculating cracked or split soybeans with Rhizopus oligosporus yeast to give it a firm, thick, compact, chewy and meaty consistency.​

​Tape Ketan Hitam


​  Our unique Tempeh Chips are made by mixing cassava flour with tempeh, tofu, nuts, beans, garlic, onions, salt, spices and deep fried to make delicious tasting snack foods.