“Border separations permanently damage kids, doctors say,“

“Doctors say,”? Who are these doctors? They must be
TEXTBOOK DOCTORS - doctors who know nothing about children. Why did I say this? Because I have seen weeks old puppies that had been separated from their mothers after birth that are now doing just fine, and not crazy. In fact, some of these puppies were separated from their mothers and castrated against their will at a very young age, and they are doing fine too. The main thing is that these kids are taken care well, just like those little puppies. Feed them, clothe them, love them, put a roof over their head, educate them, and when they grow up and work, they will be fine and pay their taxes. Whatever "psychological damage" that is left from the border separation will heal over time. You are welcome to disagree with me, but do you see any emotional damage in your dog that results from you separating "Pepper," a Golden Retriever, from his mother when you bought him at a pet shop a few days after he was born? And you thought nothing of it even though you heard "Pepper" cried all night, remember? Or have you "forgotten"? If Jesus was there when you separated "Pepper" from his mother, what do you think Jesus would have said to you?

I have seen pictures of places where these kids live – nice beds and air conditioned room. Doctors who say that border separation "permanently" damage kids must be full of permanent poops! And that is not a joke!

Another way that this problem can be easily and cheaply solved is to provide specially chartered Greyhound bus(es) at the border, and take these mothers and their children, accompanied by border patrol agents, back to the country where they came from, e.g. Guatemala, Venezuela, etc. Give them sack lunches, drinks, and some fruits. What's wrong with deporting mothers, fathers, and their children who came to our borders illegally back to the countries where they came from? I see nothing wrong with this method - "catch and release" them to the country where they came from. The wrong that I see is what we do now, "catch and keep". ROTFL

What do we have in our hands when we "catch and keep" these asylum seekers? We'll potentially have
tens of millions of new low-educated welfare recipients that will heavily drain our budget for the next 100 years, or more - generation after generation. I agree with President Donald J. Trump when he said that the Democrats want "illegal immigrants" to "infest" the U.S., Is this what the Democrats really want?  Good luck in the upcoming primary election. LOL

Mothers who endanger the lives of their children during the long journey from Central America to our Southern borders are taking advantage of the lives of their little kids. They are using their children as a means to an end. This, in my view, is the worst form of child labor. And America has every right to take them away from their mothers to protect them. What's wrong with separating children from their mothers? I saw that all the time when I was a forensic nurse. The State takes away the custodial right of a mother to her kids when the mother is in jail.

Incidentally, I don't understand why these women and their children would want to come to this country. Seeking what? Seeking for a better life? They and their children look well nourished and well hydrated. In fact many of the women that I saw on TV have big buttocks and chubby faces, unlike those skin-and-bones starving Ethiopian and Somalian women and children that we see on TV each day. Who have been feeding them on their way from Guatemala and El Salvador to our borders? It doesn't look like they have come from countries where they don't have enough food to eat, or are starving. Have they been thoroughly vetted at the border? Why not?  Who sponsored them, and who feed them, in their long journey toward our border?BE CAREFUL when you see fat and chubby asylum seekers who say that they left their country for a better life in America because they have nothing to eat in their country. If you believe them, you must be a fool. And that is no joke.

“China announces retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion in US goods,” another newspaper wrote. Good for America. This retaliatory tariff is a blessing in disguise. I predict that as a result of these tariffs, the price of imported goods will go up and consequently we will see more products that are made in the U.S.A. Jobs are quickly returning to America from China and other parts of the world. America will be great again. America will be smart, rich, and respected again. I see future Americans, under the Trump's Administration, smoking expensive Cuban and American made cigars instead of smoking mind altering weeds - marijuana.

Under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump, America will keep winning; and hackers, hookers, and pimps will say, “Mr. President, we are tired of winning.” They all hated him because they cannot achieve in twenty years what President Donald Trump has achieved in less than a year.Their lips move very fast, but their brains shift very slow. They are good only at talking, and nothing more. Just watch the news on TV.