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 Covid-19 pandemic is really not merely a simple pandemic disease. It is a plague that is worse than the 10 plagues that God had inflicted upon the ancient Egyptians during Pharaoh's rule.The 10 plagues affected mainly a limited region of the world-Egypt. The Covid-19, on the other hand, have killed thousands of people in countries around the world. Just like the disastrous flood during Noah's time. Nobody is saved from the flood except Noah and his family, a small group of obedient people who obeyed what God ("YAHWEH") wanted them to do. They followed His commandments to the letter. They interpret nothing. They rationalize nothing. 

The same thing with the prophet Moses. He does not interpret God's commandments. He does not rationalize God's commandments. He FOLLOWS them to the letter.

These are the kinds of people that God had chosen as His messengers to convey His message or warning to the world. Before the plagues hit ancient Egypt, God had already forewarned them, through Moses, of the plagues that will hit them if they do not repent, but they refused to listen. Before God drowned millions of people during the big flood, they were also warned by God's messenger, Noah, but they refused to listen to him.

Now comes another plague, Covid-19, which according to the latest statistic have affected over a million people worldwide. But this time God has chosen NO messenger to warn us of this deadly plague that would come and is now already here with us.

What does this mean? God found NONE that He can trust to be His messenger. Many Christians are giving lip service only, but their heart is far from God! Unlike the prophet Enoch, who walked side-by-side with God according to the Bible, most Christians today walked in the opposite direction from God. If they do good things to their fellow human beings, they do them because they feel guilty if they don't do them, and not because it is the right thing to do, like what the Good Neighbor story tells us in the Bible - do the right thing!

I have a feeling that God is sick and tired of us! So, stock up on your face mask, portable oxygen tank, food supplies, toilet papers, etcetera, because you and I will never know what will hit us next. We have no more Moses, and no more Noah to warn us of the next plague(s) that would kill us. We are on our own!

Lord, please have mercy on us!


Take Care