Taocoh ("taotjo" in Indonesian) is a soybean condiment or thick sauce made from fermented soybeans (soy tempeh). Taotjo is very popular not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore, China, Philippines, Korea and in other Asian countries. It has a unique aroma and flavor that when added to any food or dish would make it taste so much more delicious that you will never forget. I have eaten taotjo fried rice, fish steamed in taocoh sauce, and other Oriental dishes cooked with taocoh.

Taocoh is high in protein. Taocoh from Medan, Sumatra, however, is rather salty compared 
to taotjo from Middle Java, Indonesia, which is sweet. 

I like to mix my 
taocoh with onions, sambal oelek, sliced garlic, tofu, bean sprouts and fresh cucumber. That's how I eat my hot salad - simply delicious.