Add the pieces of tempeh in a cooking pot with the water and rice, and stir. Let the tempeh stay for a little while so it can absorb the flavor of the seasoning that comes in the rice package, and then cook according to instructions. Alternatively, you can make your own seasoning and mix it with tempeh and rice and cook it in a rice cooker.
  But, if the above recipe is too easy for you, and you like to spend more time in the kitchen cooking tempeh
and rice, try my tempeh fried rice. I love making fried rice at home, tempeh fried rice. You may like this better than Lipton's or Spanish Rice with tempeh.
The "secret" of making fried rice is to cook rice that is suitable for making fried rice. Not any rice is right for making fried rice. My wife likes to buy the "Three Kings" brand, not the "Three Ladies" brand that is sold in Asian grocery stores. Both brands are imported from overseas. You have to find out for yourself what brand of rice you prefer. The other "secret" is to have a rice cooker in your kitchen. A good rice cooker can last a long time. We have a rice cooker that we bought almost six years ago, and it is still working good. 
  Start with tempeh shown in the top picture above. Chop a piece of tempeh in smaller pieces, like the size of ground beef. But first, I'll shop around for spices and seasonings that I like to add to my tempeh fried rice. Where can I find them? And how do I know they are what I want? I don't, and I will tell you how I discover them. I go to my grocery store and look for the Ramen noodle section, such as the Maruchan or Nissin or other brands chicken flavor noodle, beef flavor, shrimp flavor, etcetera. I buy each one of them, 25 cents a piece, and take the seasonings package out. I cut a small hole on the top of the seasoning package, pour some on the palm of my hand, and lick them. If I like them, I use them. If I don't, I save them and the noodles for another day. Often I like to mix a part of each flavor package and use them (not too much) to make my tempeh fried rice. It's a combination of noodle flavors from different packages. Isn't that very simple? What do I do with the noodles that have no seasoning package in them? I make fried noodle and eggs with the leftover seasoning packages, and take them to my church for the potluck. They all love me for my noodles.
  Sauté first your tempeh with green onion, garlic, white onion, sambal oelek, egg, your choice of seasonings, and add rice later, and mix thoroughly.

Enjoy!                                                        .            



  Rice lovers who have never been to a culinary school, like me, or don't have the time to make a special tempeh dish for dinner can use my simple Indonesian Cuisines tempeh recipe to make a delicious meal with rice and tempeh that the whole family can enjoy.
  First, chop 3 oz of good Indonesian quality tempeh into smaller pieces shown on the picture above.
Then, well, the rest is easy. Just follow the instructions on each package of the sample products below.

​                Tempeh and Rice