Tempeh Egg Roll

   Who invented the Chinese egg rolls? No one knows for sure, but since it is called Chinese egg roll my guess is that it comes from Asia (China) or otherwise people would call it Mexican egg roll if it was invented in Mexico, or German egg roll if the inventor is a German chef, or Spanish egg roll, Indian egg roll, Arab egg roll, American egg roll, and so on. 

People in Indonesia call them "lumpia", just like in the Philippines. Lumpia is popular in Indonesia, in the Philippines, and in other parts of the Far East as well. You can buy pork lumpia, beef lumpia, chicken lumpia, or vegetarian lumpia (egg roll). They also come in various sizes and quality. If you want to make a big size lumpia, get the Philippine lumpia skin in the freezer section of your Asian grocery store.

Making egg roll is very easy. The part that takes some thinking is the ingredients. What do you want to put in the lumpia to make it taste good? Since this site is about tempeh, I am going to show you how I make my healthy tempeh egg roll.


  1.  A package of lumpia skin.
  2.  A package of 1 lb. Kroger's Light Red Kidney Beans
  3.  A package of 1 lb. Kroger's Ham Flavor 16 Bean Soup Mix
  4.  Green Onions
  5.  Carrots
  6.  Potato
  7.  Wyler's Instant Bouillon (Chicken Flavor).
  8.  One teaspoonful of sambaloelek
  9.  Cooked Red Cargo Rice
10.  4 Oz. of good quality tempeh 


1.   Decide first how many lumpias you want to make
2.   Cook enough Red Cargo rice in a pot, adjusting the amount of water and heat so that
      your rice will be soft.
3.   Place one or two handfuls of the dried beans that have been soaked overnight in a
      cooking pot. 
4.   Add about two quarts of water and cook the beans until medium soft. Add one cube
      of chicken bouillon. Add the sambaloelek (chili) and add more water if necessary.
5.   Chop or cut the potatoes, onions, carrots, and tempeh in smaller pieces, and put
      them all in the boiling water and bean mix. You may add one more cube of chicken
      bouillon to add more flavor.
6.  Finally add some, a cup or two of the cooked Red Cargo rice, mix and stir occasion-
     ally, lower the heat and let it simmer, low heat, for a few more minutes until most of
     the excess water is gone.

    There you have it, the ingredients for your lumpia. Place the individual lumpia wrapper
 on a cutting board. Scoop one or two tablespoons of your lumpia ingredients and fill the
 length of the lumpia skin. Wrap and close the lumpia skin as the above picture shows.
 Use egg white or water to seal the edges of the lumpia wrapper. Finally, heat enough oil
 in a frying pan and fry the lumpia until they turn light brown as the picture above shows.
 Make sure you don't heat the oil too hot.

 If you don't like eggroll wrapper, you can use the burrito wrapper instead of the lumpia,
 and have burrito for lunch or dinner.