One of the earliest signs that tell you that a hacker hacks your computer is when you see the tip of a cursor randomly jumps all over your screen while your hand remains still, not moving. Another common occurrence is when you frequently get disconnected from your wireless network, and you don't know why? What happens here is that a hacker is probing your computer (screen) with his/her mouse while you think nothing of it - that all you see is "normal" computer behavior. No, they are not normal computer behavior. They tell you that hackers and hookers are trying to hook their hacking tools to your computer so that they can leave stealth "spies" and "sleeper cells" inside your computer. In short, when hackers intrude into your computer, they waste no time. They immediately insert their "spies" and "sleeper cells," terrorist agents in your computer that remain inactive on your computer until they are ordered or acted upon, just like those terrorists in San Bernardino and Paris. They leave their trails behind to make it easier for them to find their way back to your computer. How do I know this? Before I installed 
Malwarebytes I have lots of problems with my computer each day, such as crashes, frequent disruptions of my wireless connection, and so forth too numerous to mention. But after I installed it, all my computer problems disappeared. All the "spies" and "sleeper cells" were crushed or wiped off by Malwarebytes, and my computer is now running better than ever before, like new, even until now. I tried Webroot, AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky in the past but nothing works. Finally, when I heard about Malwarebytes, I tried it and immediately I decided to get the Premium version. Malwarebytes give immediate results that I can measure and depend on for protection.

  Hackers are exploiters, intruders, and deceivers as one author wrote. As such, they should be crushed a long time ago - when they first see the light. Society cannot function well if we allow exploiters, intruders, and deceivers live freely among us. Why? The reason is that hackers are incompatible with the American way of life. It is impossible to live peacefully in any society when the people around you are exploiters, intruders, and deceivers. You cannot co-exist peacefully with them when their goal is to rob you naked and expose you nude to the world while they are cleverly hiding behind human shields - hackers from Russia, China, Ukraine, Iran, North Korea, and hackers from all over the world, including hackers from the 
U.S.A. Moreover, there is nothing ethical about hacking either, absolutely nothing. Would you want to live with exploiters who will exploit you day and night, intrude into your private life consistently and persistently without your consent, and deceive you anytime when they feel like doing them? Tell me, what is so ethical about stealing? Nothing. What is so ethical about deceiving? Nothing. What is so ethical about raping? Nothing. What is so ethical about harassing other people? The course in Ethical Hacking that is offered in 4-year colleges is just the school's way to legitimize hacking so they can continue to make money for their schools and their teachers. The schools call stealing ethical theft so they can continue to produce thieves and terrorists instead of doctors and engineers and religious leaders.
What this country needs is not more deceivers and rapists and hackers, but how to DEFEND ourselves against American hackers. I am not aware of any college that teaches students how to DEFEND computer users from attacks by American and foreign hackers that are financed and paid by American citizens.

  Hackers think they are smart, but in reality, as I have found out they are very stupid, just like my 
textbook doctors! When faced with a potent adversary, such as Malwarebytes, they duck and run for cover. Instead of facing their opponent, Malwarebytes, with courage and brain, and show them their real teeth, they show them their stupid brain and their poorly fitted stained partial dentures - no good bytes.

  I also want to caution you when dealing with SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) hacks. These people are for sale, just like the pimps. And their fees are not cheap either. They take your money and promise to help you raise your ranking on Google or Bing page, for instance. But if someone else, your competitor, also pays them money, but pay more than what you pay them, they will work hard to raise your competitor's ranking, and pull you down in a heartbeat. 

  I now want to say a few words about changing passwords. Changing passwords, even on a daily basis, cannot guarantee a 100% that hookers (hackers) will not know what your new passwords are the minute after you have changed them. One reason is that once they have installed their "sleeper cells" and "spies" in your computer, they can know everything about you. In short, you have lost your privacy - your virginity. What can you do about it? One way you can do to neutralize them is to reset your PC to default. One problem is that the site where you changed your password does not protect your information 100%. The other part of the problem lies in your browser. I recommend, first of all, get 
Malwarebytes and get rid of those crap left behind by those jerks, GDARFC. Take advantage of these features when you change your passwords. Also, once you have changed your password, add a 2-step verification to make your login more secure. Don't forget, always update your antivirus and anti-malware to the most recent version available. And don't click any link that you did not ask, or recognize. Also, have you ever noticed that at times when you want to sign off your computer a warning pops up that says when you sign off a "user" that is using your computer will be disconnected? Who is that "user"? I believe it is a hacker who is in the middle of probing your computer that will be disconnected when you sign off. Log off immediately! Be always suspicious of changes that you see that were not there before. Also, you must be able to anticipate the hackers' next move. BE SMART!

  Next, do you have confidential information such as passwords, bank account number, etc, that you want to store on your smartphone? DO NOT store them in your present cell phone that you are still using. Instead, store them in a spare phone with NO internet connection. Why? Because if you store them on your live phone, hackers can get into your phone and read everything that you store on your phone. BE SMART!

 Hackers are deplorable and despicable characters. Not only are they "low energy" people, borrowing Mr. Donald Trump's phrase, but they are also low in ideas and intelligence. There are millions of them, and they cannot even beat one Malwarebytes? What does that tell you? If I am their employer, I fire them all. 

 I found a good acronym for them, 
GDARFC. They grin, duck, and run for cover when faced with just ONE opponent, Malwarebytes. No wonder the world, Russia, China, ISIL/ISIS and other nations look down on us. 

 Let's change to a slightly different but related subject. What do we know about antiviruses other than what they are supposed to do - remove viruses? Based on my decades of experience with various antiviruses, McAfee, Windows Defender, Webroot, and so forth, only one time did my antivirus program catch a Trojan malware, only once. All the other times they find nothing. And I think the reason why they found nothing is because hackers are getting better at intruding into our computer's network. They have done this through Skype and other means. You probably say that's impossible. Well, if you know about hackers as much and as long as I do and what they are capable of doing to your and my computer, they can do almost anything, even those that you and I have never thought about because we don't think like them - crooked. So, start checking your Firewall. If you find something there that you don't need and don't want, such as Skype, block or delete it. Also, when you do a virus scan, do a complete virus scan with your Internet connection OFF, at least once a week. It is difficult to remove certain viruses and malware with your Internet connection ON. At other times you can do a quick scan with your connection on.  And if you want to invest in anti-malware software that will do the job, be sure you get
Malwarebytes. You may need additional Internet protection software that works well in combination with Malwarebytes, such as this - a double or triple protection. So far textbook hackers cannot beat Malwarebytes and other software that I have installed on my computer - they GDARFC. Many good computers have been
ruined and retired prematurely not because they are old, but because they have been consistently and repeatedly probed and attacked by hackers on a regular basis. They make your brand new computer obsolete in no time. They use your expensive computers as their laboratory to practice their despicable and deplorable hacking skills at your expense - 24/7/365. Investing in Malwarebytes and Glasswire, I believe, is way cheaper than buying new laptops or desktops every couple of years to replace those that have been damaged or ruined by hackers.

 Remember, don't be lazy. Don't wait until your antivirus or anti-malware catches something. Instead, run a scan every day to clean up every crap that those jerks leave behind after they are done hacking you. Get rid of the trails that they leave behind on your computer. Moreover, look for URLs that you don't recognize that try to unload their crap on your computer while you are busy on the Internet. Block the URLs immediately when you see them. If the pages that you want to see don't show up, allow the URL's to pass through. It means that they are necessary. Otherwise, block, block, block! Let them unload their crap in their pants, and not on your computer/network. Be SMART!

 Hackers believe that they are above the law. Why? Because they think that no one can find them or punish them for their crimes, so they do what they want to do even though they have clearly committed their crimes with intent, and not by mistake. We, on the other hand, believe that those who have intentionally committed a crime should not receive even half of the protection of the law. For instance, some politicians are scared to call them by their real names - AMERICAN HACKERS. They probably feel that it is politically incorrect to call them American hackers. Instead, they call them "Russian" hackers, Korean hackers, or some other name. They want to protect the American hackers by not giving them a bad name. What are we going to do when these American hackers collude with our enemies and conspire to harm us?  Don't laugh, because something like this is not only possible but probable! Our enemies are thinking day and night to figure out ways to terrorize and hurt us. And unless we are smarter than them, a similar attack like September 11 will repeat.
 There are millions of U.S. hackers and ONE of Russian Putin. Whom do you think would be more interested in affecting the U.S. Presidential election, one Putin or millions of U.S. hackers and their supporters?  As I have repeatedly said, here and somewhere else, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China doesn't give a shit about what we say. Even Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, our best friend, doesn't care what we say. If our best friend, Israel, doesn't care what America says, why do you think our adversaries would care what Trump or Hillary Clinton would say?  This is the kind of stupid thinking that I hope Trump will change. Trump's logic is that of successful businessmen, and not only that of a Realtor. He knows the reality of life, while most U.S. Politicians are good only at talking, but no action. Believe me, use the NSA to watch the communication traffic between the U.S. and Russia, and our other enemies, and note who they are and what they say before it is too late. They are plotting against the United States of America each day, and I kid you not. These U.S. hackers are paying the Russians to act as their human shield, to protect them (pimps), and to terrorize and hack the United States of America.

Russian hackers are CHEAP to hire.They cost as little as those migrant workers working on the strawberry and lettuce fields in Northern California. And the risk of getting arrested by the FBI is minimum since there is no extradition agreement between the U.S. and Russia. So, what can we do? What can President Donald Trump's Administration do to catch these American hackers who employ those cheap Russian hackers to do the dirty work for them? Just because the stamps on the envelope are Russian stamps does not mean that Putin had sent them. American hackers can send them too from Russia, right? Do you get the logic? Call our friends, the Israeli's government. Borrow some of their MOSSAD people to work for the U.S. government. Do not ask the FBI for help. They do not work as efficiently as the MOSSAD people, so I heard. And they cost more than MOSSAD. I know that President Donald Trump will like my suggestion because it costs little to do a big job. Remember that our Intelligence cannot catch the thousands of hackers in the U.S. How then can they say that the Russian hacks us?

In the meantime, make the NSA work OVERTIME. Let them MONITOR the conversation between hackers in the United States and hackers in Russia and China.

 If you have been hacked as frequently as I have, you should change your ISP that provides you with a dynamic IP address, not a static IP address. For textbook hackers to send you spies and malware, they have to know your computer's IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address, your address changes frequently. A dynamic IP address that changes daily or weekly, will make it more difficult for hackers to find you and install their spies or "trailers" on your computer. How do you know if you have a static or a dynamic IP address? Enter "what's my IP address" on the search box. If your IP address is the same every day, more likely than not you have a static IP address. Change your ISP to one that gives you dynamic IP address that changes every day, or every time you go online. You can get, free of charge, Tor Browser that changes IP address every time you go online. You can surf anonymously. By the way, a VPN connection can be handy when you need it. A hooker (hacker) can block your computer from accessing a certain website. No sweat. Connect through your VPN, and you will no longer see that "Access Denied" crap. Or, you can download the 
Opera browser and configure VPN that is built into the browser. It is FREE. I heard that the other major browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox will also have a built-in VPN in the near future, just like Opera. Incidentally, I just found out that Firefox already has Zen Mate add-on VPN that you can add to your Firefox browser. If you use Google Chrome, they also offer FREE VPN. Get it here or look for the free Betternet VPN Proxy. I have NOT used the VPNs for Chrome and Firefox, so I don't know how well they work. Some people say they are good, and others hate them. If you should get stuck and cannot uninstall them, use this uninstaller , free.  What I do know is that after you have chosen a VPN provider for your browser, check here to make sure that your browser has no issue with DNS leaks. If it does, your actual IP address may show up, and that is what you don't want to see - your VPN leaks. Furthermore, are you aware that you can buy a VPN capable router from Amazon? This router can protect your whole house, and not only one computer. Every device that is connected to your router will be protected from hackers. You will, however, need to subscribe to a VPN provider that offers 256-bit encryption. I don't know though whether you will get a static or a dynamic IP address from this VPN capable router. Or, perhaps you can manually choose your IP address every week, one week with an IP address in the North Pole, and one week in the South Pole. My preference is the OPERA VPN.

 Another exciting news that I read today, Facebook will use some kind of "VPN" service on their site when interacting with their subscribers, but I don't know the exact details. I hope that other Social Media will join Facebook and make a serious effort to protect the 
safety and security of their members and not just go after their money.

 OK, who is your ISP? My ISP is rich and generous. They have a large supply of routers. Anytime during office hours, their customers can go to them and trade in their present router with another router for any reason. I do this when I believe that my real IP address has been compromised. With a different router, however, I can get a new IP address. New router, new IP address, as simple as that. Let them figure out the IP of my new router every week.

 I predict soon these jerks will have no more job other than wiping tables at Taco Bell and McDonald restaurants or wiping ass at the convalescent hospitals. That is the time for celebration - no more rapists, no more pimps, and no more ugly hookers trailing you. As I have repeatedly stated before, these hackers are a bunch of retards,  just like my Textbook Doctors. They can not think critically. Their ability to innovate is less than ZERO. These stupid textbook hackers cannot circumvent VPN for two reasons - (a) it is not described in their textbook, (b) their mind is clouded with weeds. And they brag that they are a group of "smart" people. No wonder America is no longer respected by our friends and foes, because we have too many of these kinds of "smart" retards.

Having said that, have you encrypted your hard drive to prevent hackers, hookers, and pimps from reading what you have stored on your drive(s)? If you have not, do it now! But don't forget to write down your encryption key in case you might need it later.

Are you a subscriber to Spectrum (TWC)? If you are, do you know that you can get McAfee Security Suite for FREE on all your computers? Get it now. Try it, and if you don't like it get rid of it.

In summary, change your passwords often. Yes, don't be lazy when it comes to changing passwords. Better yet, use a 
virtual keyboard, or an on-screen keyboard that is available from Microsoft for Windows. Enter your password there, and see these CS pee and shit in their panties. This morning, for example, when I tried to read my e-mail I saw a link that says to "download" the message if I want to read it. In English, this is called Phishing. In Indonesian, it is called "Pengelabuan". Please, don't fall for their crap. I quickly changed my passwords from eight to twenty characters password, went back to my Inbox, and I could read every message there without downloading any of them. Also, don't forget to update your AV definition every day. Get the latest Window's version, Windows 10, free if you have Windows 7, 8, or 10. Get it now while it is still available. Get a good VPN connection for more privacy and security. Be always on the ALERT. Be SMART!

 You can get your FREE VPN connection from Opera, Firefox, or Google Chrome. But their VPN locations are limited, one or two. If you want to have a location choice of more than one or two, you have to buy them from companies that sell VPN. You can buy from the companies that provide FREE VPN for your browsers, such as SurfEasy. One thing, however, that I want to warn you about VPN locations is this. Suppose you have chosen a VPN location in Canada. And then you check your VPN location with this and it tells you that your VPN location is in Somalia. What do you do? I will take no chances. There might be a possibility that my VPN is hijacked to Somalia by these jerks. I will quickly change my VPN location to a different location. In other words, the location that my VPN provider tells me must be consistent with whatthis tells me, as simple as that. Remember, these hackers, hookers, and pimps are exploiters, intruders, and deceivers. You must be smarter than these jerks. When you are online, make a habit of checking your location with this on a regular basis. Make a habit of scanning your computer with reputable AV and Malwarebytes on a regular basis also, to ensure that these jerks leave no crap behind on your computer. You can also download SAS to clean your computer of more crap that was left behind by these suckers.  

 If you don't scan your computer regularly, these suckers (c...s) can freeze your AV and Antimalware programs, and render themuseless. If you don't use them, you'll lose them. And when you spend hours on the Internet, don't forget to scan your computer withMalwarebytes and Superantispyware every so often during the day to ensure that those CS don't leave any shit while you are surfing on the Internet. I think it is time to change our password again. If you are still not happy, reset your Windows 10 without losing your personal files. Your computer should run smooth again.
  Finally, no one can make good looking and good tasting tempeh like we can. It takes plenty of experience, talents, and hard work to produce the kind of tempeh that you see on our website. No one can learn how to make good tempeh by hacking our website, no one, whether you are in Holtsville or anywhere else in the United States. We are the real Tempeh experts - a hobby that we have perfected over our lifetime.


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