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 When Jesus first taught His listeners, the carpenters and the fishermen, He taught them in parables. Why use parables? Because He wanted them to understand the deeper meaning of His teachings, and not just the obvious. But unfortunately they don’t understand parables, and neither do the Pharisees and Sadducees. In the end, these “Torah scholars” get together and gang up on Him to kill Him. Why? They were frustrated listening to His parables! They don’t understand what Jesus said.

Most Christians today are looking for the obvious when they read the Bible. Some studied the Hebrew language to help them understand the Bible. What can they gain from studying Hebrew? Nothing! They can only see the obvious, or what is written, and they can not understand the deeper meaning of the Bible. Why not? Because they are only looking for the obvious. No logical or critical thinking is necessary. No scientific mind is required.

The devil doesn’t want you and I to know the deeper meaning of God’s words. Why not? Because He knows that if we know the deeper meaning of God’s words, we can beat him. We can become prophets if God so desires.

Why were there more prophets during the Old Testament days? The reason why there were so many prophets during the Old Testament days compared to the New Testament days was because they understood the deeper meaning of God’s words. They communicated with God daily! They would never stop praying until God answers them. Their relationship with God is a personal relationship.

And the reason why there are thousands of preachers today is because they understand only the obvious meaning of God's words, and not the deeper meaning of God's words. Instead of earnestly praying to God for an answer, they ask their fellow pastor to teach them. It's like the blind guiding the blind. Or, they look to the Hebrew Bible if they don't understand the English version of the Bible. The Hebrew Bible only translates from one language to another language. That's all. And if they still do not understand what is obvious, they rationalize God’s words to make it understandable and acceptable.

We have been taught and trained in Sunday school to look for the obvious when we study the Bible. Those who took advanced degrees in Biblical studies were also trained to look for the obvious. They were not trained or educated to look for or know and understand the deeper meaning of God’s words. For example, ask any Christian preacher what they know about the Sacrificial Law of the Old Testament. They will tell  you that it is a practice where worshipers go to the temple to present an offering to God by burning an animal, or something similar to that. It points to Christ’s death on the cross. Next they believe that after Christ’s death they are free to violate God’s laws that the prophet Moses had brought to them because they are now under “grace.” 
What has one to do with the other? Why are their thoughts so muddled? Their thinking is so unhinged because they are only looking for the “obvious” in God’s words. They forgot that God is not dead. They forgot that Jesus is well and alive in His Kingdom and staring at them. We may well soon die because of the Covid-19 plague. They have no clue what the deeper meaning of the Sacrificial Law is. No clue!

His sacrifice on the cross is an example for us to follow. After Christ died we no longer burn a piece of animal meat on an altar. That is correct. Instead, we continue His example by "sacrificing" ourselves for others, as Jesus had shown during His ministry on earth. This is the deeper meaning of the Sacrificial Law which most preachers don't understand and don't teach. Look here for an example.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the Sacrificial Law is dead. God’s laws last forever! His laws have NO expiration date, just like His laws that we see in Nature. They have no expiration dates! They last forever!

Our forefathers who wrote The Constitution have long died, but the Constitution is still honored and followed. What has the death of our forefathers to do with abandoning the law of the land? Nothing! What has the death of Christ to do with disobeying God’s laws?  Nothing!

What can we do now? We can either start looking for the deeper meaning of God’s words, and understand His parables, or continue to peddle “Jesus,” and look for the obvious.

The Obvious