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What is "that"?


  We all know that, by definition, tempeh or tempe is made of soybeans only. Soybeans mixed with barley is not tempeh. Soybeans mixed with grain and sunflower seed and inoculated with Rhizopus oligosporus is still not tempeh or tempe as reported by all tempeh scholars in their research papers here in the U.S., and there in Indonesia, where the word "tempe" first originated. I think many of us in the U.S. are confused and don't know what tempeh, or tempe is. What is not tempeh is being advertised as tempeh. And U.S. consumers who buy them are really not buying tempe, or eating "tempeh" as they may have expected. Many thought that they are buying and eating pure soy tempeh when in reality they are not... In fact, many readers have asked where can they get or buy pure soy tempeh - tempeh made of soybeans only? 

When I mentioned to friends from Indonesia that there is a growing number of "tempeh entrepreneurs" in the U.S. who mix ordinary soybeans with something else and call it "tempeh" they all giggled and asked, What is

Some have asked me, is there not a law in the U.S. that prohibits businesses from misleading their customers when they misrepresent their products? I am sure there is, but I am not sure what
 "that" is called?